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Tuesday 25 April, 2000 PLC

OnLine Export Booking Service PLC
25 April 2000

                  ('J2C' or 'the Company')
          Launch of On-Line Export Booking Service
    TWA Cargo Signs as first Webfreight On-line Supplier
J2C  ( is totally focused on deriving
transactional revenues from B2B e-commerce worldwide  and is
the  UK's  largest  quoted operator  of  business-tobusiness
('B2B')  vertical trading  communities.   These vertical
communities are designed to  benefit  from  the Internet's
ability  to  allow  businesses  in  the  same industries to
communicate and trade with each  other  online.  Following
its recent flotation on the  Alternative Investment Market,
J2C today announces the launch  of  an on-line export
booking service through Webfreight,  which provides a range
of freight and other logistics services. TWA  Cargo  is  the
first airline to take  advantage  of Webfreight's innovative
global freight forwarding service to market its capacity
over the internet.

J2C  is  delighted to announce that British manufacturing
companies exporting overseas will now be able to organise
and  book  product deliveries on-line to 900 destinations
worldwide,   using  a  new  freight  forwarding   service
provided by Webfreight, a wholly-owned subsidiary of J2C. At
the same time, J2C also announces that TWA Cargo, the
international  airfreight distributor, will  be  offering
the Webfreight on-line service to its customers.

From  the UK, Webfreight customers exporting their  goods to
North  America  can click on a  TWA  Cargo  icon  and
immediately  access the  carrier's full service  offering to
more  than 100 destinations in the United States  and
beyond. Similarly, TWA customers using the airline's  web
site  will be able to automatically link into Webfreight,
part of the J2C internet trading community.

Webfreight,  is designed to give UK exporters  access  to
competitive  airfreight rates, total  price  transparency
and a global delivery service within seconds of going on
line.  The launch site for UK airfreight exports is  part of
a  global  service  roll-out, which  will  ultimately
provide  other modes of transportation including  courier
and sea freight deliveries.

Once  on-line  to,  an  exporter  can
simply confirm the destination of the shipment, its  size
and   weight   and  UK  collection  point,   so   as   to
automatically receive a transport quotation -  a  process
which  takes 30 seconds.  Customers can choose from  more
than  2,000 service options for door-to-airport and doorto-
door deliveries.

The  new  booking service will mean that, having accepted
the shipment quotation, the exporter will now be able  to
book  delivery on-line and will receive an e-mail message
back  from  Webfreight within 15 minutes to  confirm  the
reservation.  Webfreight's  operations  team  then  takes
responsibility for delivering the customer's shipment  to
its   destination  and  provides  electronic   proof   of
departure and delivery advice.

Exporters  requiring additional information  about  their
booking can also click on the 'call for assistance'  icon on
the  site  and a member of Webfreight's  reservations team
will call back within five minutes to handle  their enquiry.
Quotations for export by air can  be  obtained from  the
site 24 hours a day, seven days  a  week  from anywhere
with  internet access. All ancillary  costs  in respect  of
collection  from  the  exporter's  premises, documentation,
export customs presentation and  labelling are identified to
the customer before booking, along with the airfreight rate.

Roy Parmenter, Managing Director of Webfreight, said:

'This  is the first internet service of its kind  for  UK
exporters.  It  is designed to make sending  products  to
overseas  customers  a simple, fast  and  cost  effective

'We  are  in discussions with a number of airlines  which
recognise  the  potential  of  using  Webfreight  as   an
innovative  way to market their products and services  to
exporters and importers. TWA Cargo is the first  to  sign up
and sets an example we expect others to follow.

'In  today's competitive business environment,  companies do
not  have  the  time nor inclination  to  waste  long
periods  on  the  telephone or waiting for transportation
suppliers  to  call  them back. Often,  such  delays  can
result  in  the  loss  of  an order  to  a  more  dynamic
competitor.     Webfreight   provides    a    significant
competitive advantage to its customers.'

David Lancaster, Director of Worldwide Cargo Sales and
Marketing for TWA, said:

'We want to be more actively involved in dynamic internet
marketing   and  Webfreight  enables  us   to   do   this
immediately. We've seen similar changes in the  passenger
side  of  our business, now it's time to change  the  way
cargo transactions are conducted.

'TWA's daily Boeing 767 flight between London and our St.
Louis hub offers good cargo capacity. Anything we can  do to
promote  our choice of services and destinations  and make
TWA Cargo easier to do business with is an important
marketing tool.

'Initially we are working with Webfreight to promote  our
capacity  from the UK to North America, but  Webfreight's
plans  to expand globally and set up operations in  other
key  markets will provide further opportunities for  both
companies  -  and our customers.  We are creating  a  new
value-added  dimension to our services.  Webfreight  will
provide  complete price transparency for customers  using
TWA  Cargo and I am confident it will help us attract new
business which otherwise would have been given to one  of
the integrators.'

Karl Watkin, Chief Executive of J2C, added:

'Webfreight is a key part of the J2C offering  and  I  am
delighted that we can now offer users of the service  the
ability  to  fulfil their entire export requirements  on
line.    It  is  a  further  example  of  our  unstinting
determination    to   bring   state-of-the-art    trading
techniques to all types of industrial customer  and  earn
increasing amounts of commission as a result.  TWA  Cargo is
the first airfreight business to have recognised  the
potential of Webfreight and I expect others to follow.'

                                            25 April 2000

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