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International Endesa (ELEq)

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Thursday 13 February, 2003

International Endesa

Endesa and Its Subsidiaries Generated 161,825 GWh

Endesa and Its Subsidiaries Generated 161,825 GWh of Electricity in 2002 

    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 13, 2003--

- In Spain, Endesa's electricity production amounted to 89,417 GWh in
2002, 3.2% higher than in the previous year.

- In the rest of Europe, total electricity produced in 2002 reached
29,711 GWh, of which 59% corresponded to Endesa Italia.

- Endesa's power plants in Latin America generated 42,455 GWh, a
decrease of 3.3% vs. 2001. This lower production is due to the
situation in Argentina: the drop in the electricity exports to Brazil
since February, gas restrictions and a lower demand. Disregarding
these, output in the rest of countries increased by 3.9%.

Endesa (NYSE:ELE) carries out its electricity business in Spain, Latin
America and some areas of the European Mediterranean countries.

The electricity generated in the countries where Endesa and its
affiliates operate reached a total volume of 161,825 GWh in 2002.

In Spain, total generation was 89,417 GWh, a 3.2% rise against 2001 in
homogeneous terms, that is, without taking into account the output
from the power plants sold to Enel Viesgo.

During 2002, Endesa kept its leadership position in the Spanish
electricity generation market. The market share in the mainland
generation market, including the purchases from the Special Regime and
the imports, was 42% vs. 41.1% the previous year.

The commisioning of the two new CCGTs of San Roque and Besos (1,732
GWh) together with the higher utilization of the fuel-gas power plants
than in 2001 (17%), offset the low hydro generation in 2002, -28%
vis-a-vis 2001, compared with the rest of the sector that experienced
a decrease of 44%.

It is worth noting that the new CCGTs have shown a very satisfactory
performance, with an availability rate over 85%, far better than what
could be expected for these plants in the first months of operation.

Endesa's net generation in the mainland amounted to 78,161 GWh, a 3.1%
increase over last year and against a 1% decrease for the rest of the

In the Canary and Balearic Islands and in the extrapeninsular cities
of Ceuta and Melilla the net generation increased 3.9% to 11.256 GWh.

The total electricity generated by Endesa's plants under Special
Regime in Spain in 2002, was 5,153 GWh against 5,138 GWh in 2001.
Endesa's market share in this sector is 15%.

As for the rest of Europe, total electricity generated was 29,711 GWh
in 2002, of which 59% corresponded to the electricity generated by
Endesa Italia.

Endesa's power plants in Latin America generated 42,555 GWh, 3.3% less
than in 2001. This decrease is due the macroeconomic situation in
Argentina resulting in a lower amount of electricity exports to Brazil
since February 2002, gas restrictions and a lack of demand. Generation
by our plants in Latin America ex-Argentina increased by 3.9%.

In Brazil, the companies where Endesa participates, generated 2,704
GWh, a 9.3% rise vs. 2001. In Colombia the generation increased by 5%
to 10,699 GWh. In Chile, the increase in electricity production was
3.5% to 16,285 GWh. In Argentina the total generation was 8,600 GWh, a
23.4% drop, and in Peru 4,409 GWh, a decrease of 2.3% against 2001


                         . (net GWh)

 GWh                                      SPAIN  LATAM EUROPE  TOTAL
 Net Generation                          89,417 42,697 29,711 161,825
   - Hydro                                7,942 34,545  1,270  43,757
   - Thermal                             40,380  1,069 14,587  56,036
   - Fuel/ Gas                           12,700  7,083 13,854  33,637
   - Nuclear                             28,395                28,395

Out of the total net generation in Spain, 45% correspond to
conventional thermal generation, especially to coal generation plants,
that once more showed their high competitiveness and had an key role
in the mainland demand coverage, offsetting the decrease in the hydro
generation due to the severe drought in 2002.

In Latin America, output increased by 1.6% vs. 2001, reaching 34,545
GWh which represents an 80% of the total electricity production of the
continent in 2002. It is worth mentioning that most of Endesa's
generation in the region comes from hydro plants,

In Europe, 59% of the electricity generated in 2002 corresponded to
Endesa Italia's plants that generated a total amount of 17,551 GWh, of
which 79% comes from fuel plants.

For additional information please contact Jacinto Pariente, North
America Investor Relations Office, telephone no. 212/750-7200

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