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Thursday 22 September, 2011


Shareholdings, Convertible Loan Notes and Direc...


The  Directors  of  Mandarin  Mining Plc ("the Company") are pleased to announce  a  restructuring  of  the
convertible loan notes, a change of substantial shareholders and changes to the directorships.

Convertible loan notes and warrants

The  GBP  150,000  5 per cent. Convertible Unsecured Loan Notes 2012 are to be repaid and of  the  existing
warrants  in respect of 10,000,000 Ordinary Shares (exercisable at a price of 3p per share at any  time  in
the period to 28 February 2014), 5,000,000 are to be cancelled, leaving 5,000,000 outstanding.

The  repayment  of  the  existing convertible loan notes is to be effected by the advance  of  GBP  150,000
Convertible Loan Notes 2013 which do not carry interest but are convertible at a rate of 1p per share.  The
Convertible  Loan  Notes 2013 are to be issued to Purestar Group Limited, a company  under  the  beneficial
control of Fook Meng Chan.

Change of directorships

The  Company  also  announces the appointment of Fook Meng Chan as director, chairman and  chief  executive
officer  and the resignation of Enrique Lopez de Mesa as of 21 September 2011. Mr Lopez de Mesa is stepping
down to pursue other business interests.

Mr  Chan  obtained  a law degree from the National University of Singapore in 1985 and was  called  to  the
Singapore  Bar on 12 February 1986.  He has since then practiced as an advocate and solicitor in Singapore.
Mr Chan is a founder and director of Unilegal LLC, a Singapore law corporation.  Prior to this, Mr Chan was
a  partner  of  a number of law firms including Wong Yoong Tan & Molly Lim (until 1993), Chan  &  Ravindran
(until  1998)  and  Chan Ng Aqbal (until 2002).  In the course of his work, Mr Chan has  handled  and  been
involved  in  a  number of litigation, corporate finance matters and various mergers and acquisitions.   Mr
Chan  was  on  the  Board  of Directors of Startech Electronics Limited a SESDAQ  (The  Stock  Exchange  of
Singapore  Dealing  and Automated Quotation System) listed entity from 30 October 2003 to  27  April  2005.
During his time on its Board, he dealt with issues relating to the rescue and restructuring of this company
and its acquisitions of several businesses.

Mr Chan has held the following directorships during the past five years:

Director        Current directorships                                         Previous directorships
Fook Meng       Tembusu Investments Limited (UK)                              7 Labs Pte Limited
Chan            Tricor plc (UK)                                               Alchem Global Private Limited
                Bestsky Consulting and Business                               CNAM Management Services Private Limited
                Solutions Private Limited (Singapore)                         Lucas H&P Private Limited
                Claymore Technology Private Limited (Singapore)               Park One Private Limited
                Clementi Distribution Private Limited (Singapore)             Startech Loyalty Private Limited
                Equity Chambers (Asia) Private Limited (Singapore)            Sunlabel Private Limited
                Fairway Everbright Private Limited (Singapore)                Total International Investments Limited
                First Carbon Holdings Limited (Cayman)                        UniLegal LLC
                First Carbon Trust Limited (New Zealand)                      Veles Solutions Private Limited
                Foresight Associates Private Limited (Singapore)              Tricor Supply Side Carbon Limited
                Healthgrowth Private Limited (Singapore)
                Jersey Hills Holdings Limited (BVI)
                Kian Contract (S) Private Limited (Singapore)
                M.E.I. Consultants Private Limited (Singapore)
                Menora Construction Private Limited (Singapore)
                Menora Trading Limited (BVI)
                Orlit Enterprises (S) Private Limited (Singapore)
                Purestar Group Limited (BVI)
                Quality City Limited (BVI)
                Sea Rock Holdings Limited (BVI)
                Shine Link Limited (BVI)
                SPT Asia Private Limited (Singapore)
                Superall Investments Limited (BVI)
                Total Management Private Limited (Singapore)
                Tricor Environmental Private Limited (Singapore)
                Vantage Capital Private Limited (Singapore)
                Vantage Corporation Limited (Singapore)
                Watermark Construction Private Limited (Singapore)
                Watermark Developments Limited (BVI)
                Watermark Developments Private Limited (Singapore)
                Your Majesty Entertainment Private Limited (Singapore)
                Riester Limited (BVI)
                Central Partners Investments Limited (BVI)

There are no other matters which are required to be announced pursuant to Paragraph 18 of Appendix 1 of the
PLUS Markets "Rules for Issuers".

Shareholders with Over 3% of the Issued Share Capital

Finally the company was notified on 15 September 2011 of the following share transfers:-

Shareholder                Ordinary shares         Ordinary Shares held    % of Issued Ordinary
                           sold/bought                  after transfers       Shares held after

Balbinder Singh Sohal      4,500,000 sold                           Nil                      0%

Yahya Mirza                2,500,000 sold                           Nil                      0%

Charles Manners            1,500,000 sold                           Nil                      0%

Harry McGowan              1,500,000 sold                           Nil                      0%

Barry Nix                  1,000,000 sold                           Nil                      0%

Hong Pheng Tan             3,000,000 bought                   3,000,000                     20%

Siak Chan Chen             4,000,000 bought                   4,000,000                  26.67%

Menora Trading Limited     4,000,000 bought                   4,000,000                  26.67%

The beneficial owner of Menora Trading Limited is Fook Meng Chan.

The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for this announcement.


Fook Meng Chan
Mandarin Mining plc
Tel:  0065 6236 2985

Nick Michaels
Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Limited
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7251 3762 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting

22 September 2011



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