Okobank Osuuspank.

Share Purchase Permission

Okobank Osuuspankkien Keskuspankki
14 January 2000


The Insurance Supervision has on January 14, 2000, given a permission to
purchase Pohjola Insurance Group Corporation shares to Ilmarinen Mutual Pension
Insurance Company, the OKOBANK Group Central Cooperative, OKOBANK Ossuspankkien
Keskuspankki Oyj as well as investment company Pohta owned by Pohjantahti Mutual
Insurance Company and investment company Ahva owned by A-Vakuutus Mutual
Insurance Company.  The permission is related to a deal that was published on
December 21, 1999.

The Insurance Supervision confirms that it accepts the sale of the shares
providing that persons that are employed by or members at the administration of
A-Vakuutus Mutual Insurance Company and Pohjantahti Mutual Insurance Company or
their consolidated companies or Aurum Life Assurance Company are not allowed to
act as members of the Board at Pohjola Insurance Group Corporation as long as it
operates in the Finnish Insurance business.

The decision includes a statement by the Finnish Competition Authority
confirming that the intended purchase of shares does not undermine competition
and that there is no obstacle to the purchase of the shares by the alliance.

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