Datrontech Group PLC

Launch of e-Commerce Service

Datrontech Group PLC
26 January 2000

                  DATRONTECH GROUP PLC
              Launch of e-commerce service
Datrontech UK, the leading one-stop-shop distributor of
PC & network components and storage solutions to
independent systems builders, PC builders and third party
resellers, today launches its new e-commerce service -
Datrontech OnLine.
Datrontech OnLine will provide Datrontech's customers
with a 24-hour a day, 365 days a year electronic services
extension to their personal account manager, offering
them an easy and direct route to trading. It also offers
a fully flexible ecommerce system providing an integrated
range of services.

Datrontech OnLine is a secure trading platform giving
Datrontech's 4000+ customers personalised account
information and online services via a password-protected
site. A key benefit of this new service is that
registered users can access comprehensive, personalised
account information at any time, enabling them to carry
out immediate product searches, view stock availability,
place orders and check their account status. New
customers can take advantage of Datrontech's electronic
services portfolio by completing an online registration

Enhance customer EEEEgdsgfsgbfdhfdhgDatrontech OnLine is
fully integrated >with call centre and back office
systems, to enable the accurate tracking of product
inventory, ensuring stock profiles, product availability
and prices are always updated and correct.

Allan Mack, Datrontech Group COO comments.....
'Today's launch of Datrontech OnLine is a major component
of Datrontech Group's strategy for 2000 and it is the
first part of a series of web based initiatives planned
for introduction throughout the year. This programme has
been developed in conjunction with key vendor partners
and our customers and it offers a totally flexible
solution to meet the needs of our customers.'

About Datrontech UK
A member of the Datrontech Group Plc, Datrontech UK is
the leading one stop shop' distributor of PC & network
components and storage solutions to independent systems
assemblers, PC builders and third party resellers.
Datrontech supports the channel that supplies more than
40% of all PCs sold in the UK. Datrontech UK is
consistently recognised for its achievements in this area
having been awarded, amongst others, Microsoft's Business
Delivery Partner of the Year, Intel's European
Distributor of the Year and award winning distinctions
with Hansol, Diamond, Creative Labs and ATI.

For further information please contact:

Ray Way, Chairman                         01256 360044
Mark Mulford, Chief Executive             01256 360044
Mandy Birtles                             01256 360683
[email protected]

Andy Yeo/Suzanne Dunne                   0171 466 5000
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