Osborne & Little

Directors' Dealings

Osborne & Little PLC
7 February 2000

Directors Interests

On 4th February, 2000 Mr Toby Motley, a Director of the Company, became the
beneficial owner of an additional 2,500 ordinary shares in Osborne & Little
plc following the probate distribution of these shares to him. These 2,500
shares (together with 7,500 other Osborne & Little ordinary shares which have
been transferred to other family members) were previously included within Mr
Motley's non-beneficial holding. 

Also on 4th February, 2000, Mr Toby Motley's Children's Settlement Trust
purchased 2,500 ordinary shares at a price of 505p per share. As a result of
this purchase and the other transfers noted above, Mr Motley now has an
aggregate interest in 15,000 ordinary shares (10,500 beneficial and 4,500
non-beneficial) representing 0.24 per cent. of the Company's issued ordinary
share capital.