Datrontech Group PLC

Interest in Van Berkel Onderhoudstechniek Sold

Datrontech Group PLC
18 February 2000

To Company Announcements Office

I am writing to inform you that it is the intention of the Datrontech Group Plc
to dispose, today, of its 45% interest in Van Berkel Onderhoudstechniek B.V
('VBO'), held by its wholly owned Dutch subsidiary International Computer
Products BC ('ICP'). The buyer is Ben-Jan Wilbrinks, who is the Managing
Director and former owner of ICP, and accordingly falls within the definition of
'related party'.

The consideration for this transaction is NLG 1,135,000 plus the settlement of
an inter-company loan for NLG 360,000.  The 45% interest in VBO was acquired by
ICP on 31 January 1999 for a total consideration of NLG 94,500, but the business
strategy of VBO no longer meets ICP's core business requirements.

The percentage ratios specified in the Listing Rules (paragraph 10.5) are all
less than 5% when applied to this transaction, which accordingly qualifies as
Class 3.

I confirm that details of the transaction will be included in our 1999 Annual
Report and Accounts as a post Balance Sheet event.

From David Holloway
     Group Finance Director
     Datrontech Group PLC