Blue Circle Inds.PLC

Launch of with Just2Clicks

Blue Circle Industries PLC
9 March 2000


Today sees the launch of, a new venture between
PLC and Blue Circle Industries PLC. will be a business to
business (B2B), independent based procurement and cement trading exchange.  It
will provide an open, transparent market for the procurement and sales of
plant, parts, bulk materials and related products, with the aim of delivering:

*  Reduced procurement process and transaction costs for customers and
*  Increased buying power for independent purchasers by grouping orders
*  Release of working capital through inventory reductions of all procured
*  High value services, such as shipping and logistical support

The business goes live from today, operating a global news and information
forum for the cement industry, offering a daily updated news service, as well
as a suite of commercial and technical support services to the industry.  The
procurement market is expected to commence operations within 30 days, with the
intention of launching the cement trading market later this summer.

The business is 60:40 owned by Blue Circle and Just2Clicks.  Blue Circle and
Just2clicks will make an initial investment of £5 million in proportion to
their shareholdings.  Revenues will be generated by service fees, which will
vary according to the transaction method, as well as advertising.

The business is well placed to attract a significant share of the multi-
billion pound global market for plant, spare parts and bulk commodities used
in the cement industry and will be contacting several hundred cement
manufacturers and suppliers worldwide who could benefit from this exchange.

Karl Watkin, Chief Executive Officer of Just2Clicks commented:
'Just2Clicks is delighted with this venture.  Blue Circle is an ideal partner
for the development of this important market place, providing us with a depth
of industry knowledge that complements our technical expertise.  Similar
recent developments, such as in the automotive industry, demonstrate the
potential for B2B marketplaces and we have other initiatives in the pipeline
to rapidly build our business.'

Rick Haythornthwaite, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Circle said:
'Procurement and Trading online makes huge sense for our industry.  e- provides the first truly global marketplace for cement
manufacturers and suppliers - procurement alone offers a multi-billion pound
market and substantial potential for savings.   For Blue Circle this industry
leading venture will give further impetus to our cost reduction programme, and
provide an efficient market place for us and other users.'


Blue Circle                  Brunswick
Rick Haythornthwaite         Tim Payne
Jacqueline Sinclair-Brown    Sophie Fitton
                             Tel: 0171 404 5959
Tel: 0171 828 3456
Karl Watkin
Tel: 07808 690069

Notes to Editors:

Blue Circle Industries PLC

Blue Circle Industries PLC is the parent company of an international group of
companies whose business is the manufacture and sale of heavy building
materials.  The operations are located worldwide.  On 21st February 2000, BCI
reported its final results for the year ended 31st December 1999, which are
available on the website: plc plc is Europe's leading B2B e-commerce market maker, which
recently floated on the UK's AIM market, capitalised at approximately £200m.
Just2Clicks was formed to concentrate on B2B market-making and has over the
past 4 years established leading industrial communities in the pulp and paper,
electric power, road and air transport. The flotation has enabled Just2Clicks
to move from information into the provision of transactional services for
specifically targeted industries.

Management team

The management team will be led by Chris Shelley, currently BCI Head of Group
Marketing.  The initial team of 12 people will bring in skills and knowledge
of the cement industry as well as technical and internet expertise.