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Just2clicks.com PLC
11 April 2000

                   Just2clicks.com plc
                ('J2C' or 'the Company')
     Establishment of alliance between Powernet and
J2C (www.just2clicks.com) is totally focused on deriving
transactional revenues from B2B e-commerce worldwide  and
is  the  UK's  largest  quoted operator  of  business-to-
business  ('B2B')  vertical trading  communities.   These
vertical  communities are designed to  benefit  from  the
Internet's  ability  to  allow  businesses  in  the  same
industries to communicate and trade with each  other  on-
line.  Following its recent flotation on the  Alternative
Investment   Market,  J2C  today  announces   a   further
strategic  alliance between Powernet, its electric  power
industry  vertical trading community, and Utiliparts.com,
a  B2B electronic marketplace for equipment and parts for
the  utility  industry.  Entrade Inc., a creator  of  B2B
electronic    marketplaces,   has   80%   ownership    of
The  collaboration  between Powernet  and  Utiliparts.com
will  create  a resource for over 30,000 items  of  power
industry  equipment.   The  Powernet/Utiliparts   service
provides   a  full  menu  of  asset  recovery,  inventory
management  and  procurement, with  a  special  focus  on
liquidated assets and second hand equipment.

There  is  a large surplus of unused parts and  equipment
held  by utilities around the world, as a result  of  the
deregulation  of  the  electric  power  markets.   It  is
therefore  very important for buyers and sellers  in  the
industry  to  be  able to access quickly the  information
they  need  and  to  be  able to  take  advantage  of  an
efficient  and liquid procurement process.  J2C  believes
that  the  alignment  of Powernet  with  Utiliparts  will
create  an online marketplace with even greater  critical
mass  and  liquidity  and that the potential  transaction
commissions  of  the  two  combined  should  exceed   the
commissions  that  might have been derived  if  they  had
remained separate.

This marketplace differs from the recently announced  Gas
Turbine component marketplace being developed by Powernet
and  Wood Group Light Industrial Turbines, which  focuses
entirely  on the global marketplace for the provision  of
new components for gas turbines.

Karl Watkin, Chief Executive of J2C, said:

'Putting the Utiliparts marketplace on-line is fulfilling
a  commitment  we made at the time of our flotation.   In
one fell swoop, we are creating a powerful combination of
content  and  liquidity that should  serve  the  electric
power  market  effectively, leading to  enhanced  trading
                                            11 April 2000

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About Utiliparts.com

Utiliparts.com  is  an  electronic marketplace  providing
comprehensive  asset  recovery and  inventory  management
solutions   to   the  utility  and  electric   generation
industry.    Entrade  Inc.  (NYSE:  ETA)  owns   80%   of

About Entrade Inc.

Entrade Inc. is a creator of B2B e-commerce marketplaces.
Working  with leaders in target industries, Entrade  Inc.
provides   web-enabled  e-commerce  technology,  business
infrastructure, management talent, and its competency  in
asset  management  and fulfillment to  launch  e-commerce
marketplaces.   The  Entrade technology  is  designed  to
enable   online  transactions,  auctions,  e-procurement,
inventory management, and asset management and recovery.

To  date,  Entrade Inc. has invested in seven  electronic
marketplaces,   with   an  eighth   pending   shareholder
approval.  All of the Entrade marketplaces are powered by
the  Entrade  technology.   Most  recently  Entrade  Inc.
announced the launch of AssetControl.com, a joint venture
with   Textron  Financial,  ATM  Services  and  Safeguard
Scientifics to create an e-commerce marketplace  for  the
resale of surplus assets, including industrial equipment,
excess  inventory  and commercial real  estate.   Entrade
also  recently launched TruckCenter.com, a joint  venture
with  The  Associates  First Capital  targeting  the  $50
billion  truck industry.  Entrade Inc. also owns  25%  of
TradeTextile.com,  an  e-commerce  marketplace  for   the
global textile industry, initially focusing on China.

Entrade   Inc.   is   a  majority  interest   holder   in
utiliparts.com and printeralliance.com, and  has  reached
an  agreement subject to shareholder approval to increase
its  ownership  in  privately owned AssetTRADE.   Entrade
Inc.  is a minority interest holder in pricecontainer.com
and  has recently reached an agreement to acquire  a  15%
interest   in   ATMcenter.com,  subject  to   shareholder
approval.    Nationwide  Auction  Systems,  a  land-based
public  auction  company, is a 100% owned  subsidiary  of
Entrade Inc.  Entrade Inc. intends for Nationwide Auction
Systems  to provide land-based asset disposition services
for  the  Entrade e-commerce marketplaces.  Entrade  Inc.
plans to 'e-enable' Nationwide Auction Systems during the
second quarter.