Flextech PLC

Offer Update

Flextech PLC
11 April 2000

Not for release, publication or distribution in or into Canada, Japan or

                         Telewest Communications plc
              Recommended Offer (the 'Offer') for Flextech plc
                 Level of acceptances and extension of Offer

Telewest announces that:

1.   By  12  noon (London time) on 11 April 2000, valid acceptances had  been
     received  in  respect of 119,103,055 Flextech shares, representing  75.3
     per cent. of Flextech's issued share capital.  Included in the level  of
     acceptances  are  acceptances received pursuant  to  an  undertaking  to
     accept  the  Offer from Liberty Media in respect of 41,690,950  Flextech
     shares  (representing approximately 26.4 per cent. of Flextech's  issued
     share  capital)  and acceptances received from MediaOne  in  respect  of
     10,518,933 Flextech shares (representing approximately 6.7 per cent.  of
     Flextech's issued share capital).

2.   The  Offer is still conditional, inter alia, on valid acceptances  being
     received  in respect of not less than 90 per cent. in nominal  value  of
     the Flextech shares to which the Offer relates (as set out in Part A  of
     Appendix  I  to  the Offer Document (the 'Acceptance  Condition')).   As
     contemplated  in its Offer Document dated 7 March 2000, Telewest  hereby
     announces  that  it  reserves  the right to  reduce  the  percentage  of
     Flextech shares required to satisfy the Acceptance Condition to  80  per
     cent.   Telewest  currently intends to implement such  reduction  on  18
     April  2000 and, provided that Liberty Media obtains the favourable  tax
     opinion  referred  to  in  the  Offer Document,  to  declare  the  Offer
     unconditional  in  all respects (subject to the up  to  606,215,130  new
     Telewest shares to be issued in connection with the Offer being admitted
     to  the Official List of the London Stock Exchange Limited) on that day,
     or as soon as possible thereafter, once:

     (a)  valid  acceptances of the Offer have  been received (and not, where
          permitted, withdrawn) in respect of 80 per cent. or more in nominal
          value of the Flextech shares to which the Offer relates; and
     (b)  all  the  remaining conditions to the Offer have  been  and  remain
          fulfilled  or there are, at that date, no circumstances  indicating
          that any such conditions may not be capable of fulfilment.
3.   On this basis, Admission is expected to become effective and dealings in
     the  new  Telewest shares are expected to commence at 8.00  a.m.  on  19
     April 2000.

4.   The  Initial Offer Period (during which Flextech shareholders will  have
     the  right to withdraw their acceptances of the Offer in accordance with
     paragraph 3 of Part B of Appendix I to the Offer Document) was  extended
     on  5  April 2000 and will expire at 3.00 p.m. (London time) on 18 April
     2000, unless further extended.

5.   When the Offer is declared unconditional, Flextech shareholders will  no
     longer  have  withdrawal rights under the Offer.  Flextech  shareholders
     who  do  not  want  to accept the Offer if the Acceptance  Condition  is
     reduced  from the 90 per cent. level should either not accept the  Offer
     until  after  18  April 2000 (or such later date  as  the  reduction  is
     implemented) or withdraw their acceptances prior to 18 April 2000.

6.   Save  as disclosed herein, neither Telewest nor any person deemed to  be
     acting  in  concert with Telewest has acquired or agreed to acquire  any
     Flextech  shares during the Offer Period (which commenced on 6  December
     1999).  Immediately prior to the commencement of the Offer Period,  save
     for  Liberty  Media and MediaOne (who hold 36.6 per cent.  and  6.7  per
     cent. of Flextech's issued share capital respectively), neither Telewest
     nor  any  person deemed to be acting in concert with Telewest  held  any
     Flextech shares (or rights over such shares).

7.   Terms  used in this announcement have the same meaning as terms  defined
     in the Offer Document, unless the context requires otherwise.

Press enquiries

Charles Burdick                                  01483 750 900

James Steel                                      020 7658 6000

Schroders,  which  is  regulated  in the UK by  the  Securities  and  Futures
Authority Limited, is acting for Telewest and no one else in connection  with
the  Offer  and  will not be responsible to anyone other  than  Telewest  for
providing  the protections afforded to customers of Schroders nor for  giving
advice in relation to the Offer.

A  prospectus  relating to the new Telewest shares offered in the  Offer  has
been  filed  by  Telewest as part of a registration  statement  with  the  US
Securities  and  Exchange Commission.  Flextech shareholders are  advised  to
read the prospectus regarding the business combination transaction referenced
above  because it contains important information.  Flextech shareholders  may
obtain a free copy of the prospectus and other documents filed by Telewest by
directing  such  requests to Telewest Communications  plc,  Genesis  Business
Park,  Albert  Drive,  Woking, Surrey, GU21 5RW, United Kingdom.   Attention:
Company Secretary.  Telephone +44 1483 750 900.