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Interim Results - Period to 31 March 2000

Just2clicks.com PLC
22 June 2000

                      Just2clicks.com plc
                   ('J2C' or 'the Company')
      Interim Results for the period ended 31 March 2000

J2C   (www.just2clicks.com)  is  totally  focused  on  deriving
transactional revenues from B2B e-commerce worldwide and is the
UK's  largest  quoted operator of business-to-business  ('B2B')
vertical  trading communities.  These vertical communities  are
designed  to  benefit  from  the Internet's  ability  to  allow
businesses in the same industries to communicate and trade with
each  other  on-line.  Following its recent  flotation  on  the
Alternative  Investment  Market, J2C  today  announces  interim
results for the period to 31 March 2000.


*    Total revenue for the period of £340,000

*    Low  cash burn rate - net cash of £48.5 million as at  31
     May 2000

*    Formation  of  strategic  partnerships  with  Blue  Circle
     Industries and TWA

*    Continued aggregation of high quality, industry  specific

*    Acquisition of Tradezone, a unique e-procurement  trading

*    Considerable   progress  made  in   developing   requisite
     infrastructure  to become a key player in the  global  B2B

Karl Watkin, Chief Executive of J2C, said today:

'We  have  been extremely busy building our business  up  to  a
point where it can start to generate increased B2B transaction-
based revenue.  We have been very selective in the partners  we
have chosen and in the content we provide and have been careful
to conserve our resources, so as to be better placed to exploit
opportunities as they present themselves.'
                                                   22 June 2000

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                      Just2clicks.com plc
      Interim Results for the period ended 31 March 2000
                   CHIEF EXECUTIVE'S REVIEW


We are pleased to announce our interim results, which cover the
period  ended  31  March 2000.  It should be  noted  that  this
represents  only  9  weeks' trading for  the  business  and  is
therefore not representative of a full 6 month period.

During  the  period  under  review,  J2C  earned  revenues   of
£340,000.    The  Company  made  a  loss  for  the  period   of
£1,941,000,   including  exceptional  costs  of  £134,000   and
amortisation  of  £1,651,000. The 'cash burn' of  the  business
during  the period has been low, and our cash position  remains
very  strong, with £48.5 million cash in the bank as at 31  May

Review of Operations

The period since the successful flotation of J2C on 16 February
2000 has seen acquisitions and significant developments in  the
existing business.


Powernet (www.pmsl.net)

Powernet is an exclusive online information, communication  and
e-commerce  system  for the power industry, broadcasting  daily
news, press releases and technical data.  With free membership,
Powernet provides timely, accurate information, 24 hours a day,
365  days  a  year.  A free web-based e-mail  service  is  also
available, enabling users to stay in touch with counterparties,
wherever they are.

Emphasis  is  being  placed  on  forming  alliances  with   new
strategic  partners and providers of content, which will  allow
Powernet  to expand its products and services as an  increasing
number   of  market  places  become  established.   Since   the
flotation  of  J2C  in February, Powernet has formed  strategic
partnerships  with  Utiliparts.com  (to  establish  an  on-line
market  for  spare parts) and with Wood Group Light  Industrial
Turbines  Limited, which is due to go live in the near  future.
Powernet has also entered into content agreements with entities
such  as AFP, News Alert, AFX, RNS, Business Wire, PR Newswire,
the BBC and the Financial Times, thus increasing the appeal and
scope of its marketplace.

pulpandpaper.net (www.pulpandpaper.net) ('PPN')

PPN's  mission  is  to  develop, market  and  manage  the  most
comprehensive  on-line  community  for  the  pulp   and   paper
industry.   In order to achieve this goal, PPN will  focus  its
services  on  the  major  elements of an electronic  community;
these   being   news  and  information,  research,  educational
content,  communication  and,  ultimately,  commerce.   PPN  is
focused  on the provision of high quality, value added services
to the pulp and paper industry.  The service mix is designed to
provide  a  'one  stop  shop' for the information  and  service
requirements  of  participants in the pulp and paper  industry.
Our  content  partners  include  Walden-Mott  Corp,  Wide  Area
Markets   Ltd,  Dow  Jones  Newswires,  Pap'Argus  and  Brunton
Business Publications.

Translinx (www.translinx.com)

Translinx   is  a  fully  comprehensive,  interactive   service
providing   manufacturers,  distributors  and  road   transport
professionals with a powerful new trading tool.  It offers  up-
to-the  minute  information and business opportunities  in  the
area  of  road transport 24 hours a day and provides  a  unique
platform   for   'Real  Time  Trading'  between  thousands   of
manufactures  and transport-related businesses  throughout  the
world.   Translinx   has  recently  launched   CargoCover,   an
interactive  on-line  cargo  insurance  application   and   has
developed  an  e-procurement application specifically  designed
for  the  vehicle  transportation sector.  We  have  also  been
working with Wallon plc, a Belgian transportation business,  to
establish  an  on-line  trading  floor  for  the  European  car
transportation  market.   There are further  opportunities  for
partnerships with goods and service providers in several  other
major sectors, such as finance, consultancy, recruitment,  used
vehicles and warehousing.

Translinx is looking to develop vertical trading communities in
both  Sea and Rail Transportation, in order to offer a complete
transportation  solution via the Internet.  Translinx  is  also
recruiting  sales and marketing partners to further expand  its
services  to manufacturers as well as carriers and distributors
throughout the UK and Europe.

e-cement (www.e-cement.com)

e-cement,  which was established on 9 March 2000,  is  a  joint
venture  owned  40%  by J2C and 60% by Blue  Circle  Industries
('BCI'), one of the top five cement manufacturers in the world.
The vertical community offers the world-wide cement industry an
on-line  market  for capital equipment, shipping,  trading  and
community  services.   It is e-cement's intention to  introduce
other partners and industry players to this marketplace.    The
first  auction for £300 million of coke contracts was  recently
initiated  and  will be completed in the next  few  weeks.   e-
cement  is  looking to obtain a share of the cement  industry's
procurement  spend,  which is thought to be  between  US$20  to
US$30 billion annually


Webfreight (www.webfreight.net)

Webfreight  is  a  horizontal, on-line provider  of  air  cargo
products and services to 900 global destinations for both 'Door
to  Airport'  & 'Door to Door' options.  It is marketed  to  UK
shippers and exporters, offering the capability of instant rate
and service access and on-line booking.

Webfreight intends to create a worldwide on-line transportation
organisation for both export and import services in  the  areas
of  Air, Courier, Sea, Road and Rail, through the formation  of
partnerships or by acquisition.  Last month, Webfreight  formed
the  first  such  partnership, with TWA.   Webfreight  is  also
hoping  to set up a specialist Airline group that would  extend
services to all key trading nations, with the ultimate  aim  of
establishing a global network of Webfreight Partner  Agreements
to facilitate sales, branding and market penetration.


Tradezone International Ltd  ( www.tradezone.co.uk)

On  29  March  2000, we announced the acquisition of  Tradezone
International Limited ('Tradezone'), an e-procurement solutions
provider, which we believe will make a significant contribution
to  the  future of the Company. Tradezone develops and supplies
Tradezone   e-commerce  technology,  which   is   provided   to
purchasers,  vendors and intermediaries operating  in  the  B2B
arena.   Tradezone solutions are also licensed to third  party,
vertical and horizontal marketplace operators to power  on-line
trading portals.

Tradezone  intends to establish strategic satellite offices  in
Europe  and the Asia-Pacific region and will also be  launching
the  BestValuezone.com portal for best value  e-procurement  in
the public sector, especially for local authorities.  There are
also  opportunities  for  alliances with  ERP  vendors,  system
integrators and ASP's to complement the Tradezone offering  for
complete end-to-end e-procurement.

Current Trading and Prospects

In  a  period  of  rapid change, the Directors have  maintained
their focus upon developing transactional revenues from B2B  on
the   Internet,  to  take  advantage  of  the  market  for  B2B
transactions which is forecast to be as large as US$7  trillion
worldwide  by  2005.  We continue to develop our  portfolio  of
vertical trading communities, both through the addition of high
quality,  specialised  content and  through  the  formation  of
partnerships with key players in the industries on which we are
focusing.  We have also been steadily recruiting staff  of  the
highest calibre to provide us with the necessary industrial and
technological expertise.  We are confident that we have put  in
place   the   necessary  infrastructure   to   facilitate   the
transacting  of  business  through  these  communities  and  we
believe we are well positioned to derive commissions from  such

We  successfully  raised  £50  million  (net  of  expenses)  in
February,   money  which  will  only  be  used  prudently   and
effectively.   The  business is benefiting  from  its  profile,
significant  cash resources and its ability to respond  quickly
to  opportunities, however they arise.  The Directors therefore
believe that the business is very well placed to take advantage
of  developments that result from any restructurings which  may
take place in the e-commerce market place.

Karl Watkin
Chief Executive
22 June 2000

                      Just2clicks.com plc
      Interim Results for the period ended 31 March 2000

                                    Note       Period to
                                                31 March
Turnover - continuing operations                     340
Administrative expenses                           (2,609)
(including amortisation charge of
Operating loss                                    (2,269)
Net interest receivable                              328
Loss before taxation                              (1,941)
Taxation on loss on ordinary          3                0
Loss after taxation                               (1,941)
Dividends                                              0
Loss for the financial period                     (1,941)
Loss per share                        5           (9.96p)

                      Just2clicks.com plc
      Interim Results for the period ended 31 March 2000

                                        Note            As at
                                                     31 March
Fixed assets                                    
Goodwill                                  1            48,504
Tangible assets                                           193
Current assets                                  
Investments                               2             3,460
Debtors                                                   698
Cash at bank and in hand                               50,134

Creditors: amounts falling due                         (4,099)
within one year
Net current assets                                     50,193
Total assets less current                              98,891
Creditors: amounts falling after                         (100)
more than one year
Net assets                                             98,791
Capital and reserves                            
Called up share capital                                    87
Share premium account                                 100,645
Profit and loss account                                (1,941)
Equity shareholders' funds                             98,791

                      Just2clicks.com plc
      Interim Results for the period ended 31 March 2000
                      CASHFLOW STATEMENT

                                                  Period to
                                              31 March 2000
Operating loss                                       (2,269)
Depreciation                                              4
Amortisation                                          1,651
Increase in debtors                                    (655)
Increase in creditors                                   281
Net cash (outflow) / inflow from                       (988)
operating activities
Return on investments and servicing                     328
of finance
Capital expenditure                                    (438)
Acquisitions and disposals                               56
Cash (outflow) / inflow before                       (1,042)
management of liquid resources and
Management of liquid resources                      (50,000)
Financing                                            51,121
Increasing in cash in period                             79

                      Just2clicks.com plc
      Interim Results for the period ended 31 March 2000
1.   The interim financial information for the period ended  31
     March  2000 is unaudited and does not constitute statutory
     accounts  within  the  meaning  of  Section  240  of   the
     Companies Act 1985.  The interim financial information has
     been  prepared  on  the basis of the  accounting  policies
     expected to be adopted in the financial statements for the
     period  ending 30 September 2000. The most significant  of
     these accounting policies are as follows:


     Purchased  goodwill (representing the excess of  the  fair
     value  of  the consideration given over the fair value  of
     the  separable net assets acquired) arising in respect  of
     acquisitions   is  capitalised.   Positive   goodwill   is
     amortised to nil by equal instalments over 5 years.


     Turnover  represents  the amounts (excluding  value  added
     tax) derived from the provision of services to customers.

2.   Included  in  current asset investments is  an  amount  of
     £3,460,000  in respect of a property in London  which  was
     being  held  for resale.  The property was sold  in  April
     2000 for a profit of £275,000.

3.   There is no tax charge for the period due to losses

4.   The Group had no recognised gains or losses other than the
     losses for the period.

5.   Loss per share is calculated based on the loss on ordinary
     activities after taxation divided by the weighted  average
     number of shares in issue, being 19,494,798.

6.   Copies  of  the  interim  report are  being  sent  to  all
     shareholders and will be available to the public from  the
     Company's registered office.