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Just2clicks.com PLC
10 July 2000

                   Just2clicks.com plc
                ('J2C' or 'the Company')
J2C  (www.just2clicks.com) is totally focused on deriving
B2B   e-commerce  revenues  worldwide  from   Intelligent
Marketplaces and is the UK's largest quoted  operator  of
business-to-business     ('B2B')     vertical     trading
communities.  These vertical communities are designed  to
benefit  from the Internet's ability to allow  businesses
in the same industries to communicate and trade with each
other  on-line.  J2C today announces a strategic alliance
with  Orbital  Software  Group  Limited  ('Orbital'),   a
leading  provider  of  scalable, person  to  person,  Q&A
infrastructure for Internet and corporate portals.

The global alliance with Orbital is aimed at building and
delivering Intelligent Marketplaces - the next generation
of  B2B  e-marketplaces across the world.   The  alliance
intends  to  exploit the opportunities  afforded  by  the
anticipated  explosion  in  B2B  e-commerce  by  creating
extremely  powerful information, data and  trading  sites
that  facilitate significant reductions in  the  cost  of
procurement and create added value for all users  of  the
relevant marketplaces.

'Successful   next  generation  vertical   e-marketplaces
combine  three  critical components which  this  alliance
will  deliver - specific content (products and services),
the  ability  to conduct e-commerce transactions  and  an
interactive  'knowledge  sharing'  community',  commented
Karl Watkin, Chief Executive of J2C.

Notwithstanding  the  technology,  the  key  features  of
vertical  e-marketplaces  are their  speed  and  ease  of
connecting  people together to facilitate  more  informed
decision making related to buying and selling of products
and services.

Orbital's  Organik  technology  facilitates  this   whole
process  by enabling buyers and sellers to interact  with
each  other  in  a  dedicated space where  they  can  ask
specific questions and get tailored answers from  experts
who  can help them make the right decision as quickly  as
possible.   Orbital's  question  and  answer  (Q   &   A)
technology  will  thus  offer significant  benefits  when
combined  with  J2C's  vertical  trading  communities  by
affording  B2B  knowledge  trading  which  will   improve
decision   making,  increase  procurement   efficiencies,
enhance  industry co-operation and 'glue' users to  J2C's

'By  offering our leading edge capabilities in delivering
content  and  commerce with Orbital's  knowledge  sharing
technology, we are delivering the next generation  of  e-
marketplaces  in  order to lead in  a  phenomenal  growth
market,' added Watkin.

J2C and Orbital estimate that almost 50% of e-commerce in
the  B2B  arena will be conducted through sector specific
business  exchanges and will account for several trillion
dollars of trade over the next 3-5 years.

Both  McKinsey and Forrester support this view, with  the
former  estimating that professionals buying online  will
rise from 25% today to 90% by 2002  - an increase fuelled
by cost and time savings that they estimate are in excess
of  70%. Forrester predicts that e-commerce in the supply
chain will account for some 45 % of all web based trading
and could total approximately US$2.7 trillion by 2004.

Kevin Dorren, Chief Executive of Orbital, commented:

'This  is a multi-trillion dollar market that we  aim  to
penetrate by leading, not following.  In teaming up  with
J2C,  we  can  combine  our Q & A technology  with  their
unparalleled  capabilities  in delivering  e-marketplaces
for   specific  sectors.  Together  we  can   effectively
establish  leading  edge Intelligent  Marketplaces  in  a
fraction  of the time that it would take anyone  else  to
build. Simply put, we offer scalability, speed, value add
and cost reduction in one package.'

The  two organisations are effectively moving the generic
'B2B marketplace' on to the next stage in its development
by  creating a significant element of added value through
the provision of business focussed intelligence as a core
element to the marketplace.

Karl Watkin, Chief Executive of J2C, added:

'The  market  opportunity is immense - by harnessing  our
capabilities  with  Orbital's  groundbreaking   Q   &   A
technology,    we   can   offer   companies   substantial
competitive  advantage, delivering tangible  bottom  line
benefits    for    those   utilising   our    Intelligent

By  allowing  industries to logically share  intelligence
and   thus   drive  down  costs  as  well  as   improving
efficiencies  it  is  anticipated the strategic  alliance
will  generate significant financial returns for everyone


Just2clicks.com plc              Tel: + 44 7808 690069
Karl Watkin, Chief Executive     E-mail:[email protected]

Orbital Software                Tel: +44 07803 904769
Ewan Hunter, Corporate Affairs  E-mail:[email protected]

College Hill                    Tel: + 44 207 457 2020
Nicola Weiner                   E-mail:[email protected]
Archie Berens                   E-mail:[email protected]

Orbital Software (http://www.orbitalsw.com)

Orbital  Software  is  a  leading provider  of  scalable,
person-to-person,  Q&A infrastructure  for  Internet  and
Corporate  portals.  Orbital's  Organik  software  brings
people  and information together, creating an environment
in  which users can ask questions, find experts and share
knowledge. Orbital creates online expert communities that
help boost website traffic, improve customer satisfaction
and foster user productivity.

Founded  in  1995, Orbital has European  headquarters  in
Edinburgh,  UK  with  US  headquarters  in  Boston,   MA.
Additional  information about Orbital  Software  and  its
complete  product line can be accessed on the World  Wide
Web at http://www.orbitalsw.com.
Orbital  is  a  registered trademark of Orbital  Software
Group Limited or its subsidiaries. Orbital Software is  a
trade  name of Orbital Software Group Limited. All  other
company  or product names mentioned may be trademarks  of
the respective companies with which they are associated.

Just2Clicks.com plc (http://www.just2clicks.com)

Just2Clicks  is totally focused on deriving transactional
revenues  from B2B eCommerce worldwide and  is  the  UK's
largest   quoted   operator  of  B2B   vertical   trading
communities. These vertical communities are  designed  to
benefit  from the Internet's ability to allow  businesses
in the same industries to communicate and trade with each
other  on-line.  J2C  currently  operates  four  vertical
trading  communities,  three of  which  are  wholly-owned
subsidiaries  operating  in the Electric  Power  industry
(www.pmsl.net),    the    Pulp    &    Paper     industry
(www.pulpandpaper.net)  and the Road  Transport  Industry
(www.translinx.com).   J2C's  fourth   vertical   trading
community  is  e-cement.com, an online trading  community
for the Cement Industry, in which J2C has a 40% interest.
The other 60 per cent is owned by Blue Circle Industries.
In   February  2000,  J2C  obtained  a  listing  on   the
Alternative  Investment Market and  raised  approximately
GBP50m ($80m).