VHE Holdings PLC

Chairman's Statement

VHE Holdings PLC
19 September 2000

                               VHE Holdings plc
                           Chairman's AGM Statement

VHE   Holdings  plc,  the  UK's  premier  land  regeneration  and  reclamation
contractor, held its AGM at 10:00am today in Barnsley.  Following  the  formal
proceedings  of  the  meeting Mike Laycock, the Chairman, made  the  following
statement to shareholders:

'Three  months ago in the annual report I said, 'I very much look  forward  to
contributing  to  an  improving, stable and profitable  VHE  Group'.  This  is
happening and all our operating companies are now profitable.

We  have  a strong order book, £31 million as at end of July and are currently
pursuing a number of excellent contract opportunities.

The  return to profitable trading achieved in the second half of last year has
continued  in  the  first half of this year. We are in  a  sound  position  to
maintain this profitable trend for the full year ending 31 March 2001.'

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