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TI Group PLC
6 November 2000

TI Group's world leading marine division, John Crane-Lips, has won contracts
worth $20 million to supply a comprehensive package of telecoms cable-laying
equipment, propulsion systems and hull seals for the joint venture between
Alcatel, the world's leading supplier of fibre-optics cable, and Louis
Dreyfus Armateurs. 
The contract is for three cable-laying vessels under construction by Hyundai
Mipo Dockyard in Korea. This latest win follows an £8m contract last December
from Global Marine Systems, a division of Global Crossing, to fit five ships
with equipment to lay subsea internet cables around the world.  
Rapid growth in internet and international data traffic has created urgent
demand for new telecommunications capacity and the need for extra
cable-laying ships. John Crane-Lips has a strong level of expertise in
electric cable-laying, to the extent that around two-thirds of cable-laying
ships in service today use John Crane-Lips equipment. 
John Crane-Lips will supply the Alcatel and Louis Dreyfus Armateurs joint
venture from three Centres of Excellence in the UK, Netherlands and Asia. 
Cable handling equipment supplied by John Crane-Lips from its facility in
Wolverhampton, UK, comprises drum engines, linear cable engines and the
electronic management systems to control paying out the cable. It includes,
additionally, the plough handling system responsible for the deployment and
recovery of the seabed plough that trenches and buries the cable. 
For each vessel, John Crane-Lips is also supplying two electric powered
propellers and five thrusters from Drunen in the Netherlands, along with
Airguard anti-pollution hull sealing systems.  

Commenting on the new contracts, John Cousins, chief executive of John
Crane-Lips, said: 'Our ability to supply a total package of first class
engineering systems, covering cable-laying equipment, propulsion systems and
hull sealing, and to co-ordinate the supply through three Centres of
Excellence around the world, reinforces the strong position of John
Crane-Lips in the growing market for cable-laying equipment.' 
John Crane-Lips is a world leader in marine propulsion systems, providing a
complete onboard propulsion and sealing service for the commercial and naval
fleets of the world. Products include hull, propeller shaft and onboard
sealing systems, together with Lips propellers, shafts, waterjets, thrusters
and control systems. John Crane-Lips also has niche leadership position in
precision cable handling systems. In June 2000, it concluded an alliance with
Wartsila NSD, a world leading supplier of marine engines, to supply total
marine propulsion systems to the shipbuilding industry. 
John Crane-Lips, with over 1,000 employees, has four operational Centres of
Excellence in Drunen, Netherlands; Havant, UK; Toyama, Japan; and
Wolverhampton, UK and there are six secondary manufacturing sites in Europe
and the US. The Centres of Excellence support a global sales and service

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Notes to Editors: 
TI Group plc, listed on the London Stock Exchange, is one of the world's
leading specialised engineering companies. Headquartered in the UK, the Group
operates on a global basis and employs over 40,000 people at more than 450
manufacturing and customer service facilities in over 45 countries. 

John Crane, a world leader in engineered sealing systems, is one of TI
Group's four world leading businesses, the others being TI Group Specialty
Polymer Products (engineered polymer solutions), TI Group Automotive Systems
(automotive fluid carrying systems) and Dowty (aerospace systems).Group sales
revenue in 1999 was £2.7 billion, of which 46% was North America, 27%
Continental Europe, 20% UK and 7% Rest of the World 
A detailed description of TI Group and its businesses can be found on the
company's website at www.tigroup.com. 
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