Wates C.Ldn.Props.

Holding in Company

Wates City of London Properties PLC
29 November 2000

Schedule 10 - Notification of Major Interests in Shares

1   Name of company:
Wates City of London Properties plc

2   Name of shareholder having a major interest:
Prudential plc

3   Please state whether notification indicates that it is in respect of
holding of the shareholder named in 2 above or in respect of a non-beneficial
interest or in the case of an individual holder if it is a holding of that
person's spouse or children under the age of 18:
Information not given

4   Name of registered holder(s) and, if more than one holder, the number of
shares held by each of them:

5   Number of shares/amount of stock acquired:

6   Percentage of issued class:

7   Number of shares/amount of stock disposed:

8   Percentage of issued class:

9   Class of security:
Ordinary shares

10  Date of transaction:

11  Date company informed:
28 November 2000

12  Total holding following this notification:

13  Total percentage holding of issued class following this notification:

14  Contact name for queries:
Michael A Wilson

15 Contact telephone number:
020 7588 2888

16  Name of company official responsible for making notification:
Michael A Wilson, Company Secretary

17  Date of notification:
29 November 2000

Additional Information: