Just2clicks.com PLC

Preliminary/Final Results

Just2clicks.com PLC
11 January 2001

                  Just2clicks.com plc Preliminary/Final Results
                 for the 15 month period ended 30 September 2000

Just2clicks.com plc ('J2C' or the 'Company'), the UK's largest quoted
operator of business to business ('B2B') vertical trading communities, today
announces results for the 15 month period ended 30 September 2000.  J2C's
trading network enables businesses to communicate and trade with each other

                            Financial Summary

*  Successful flotation on the Alternative Investment Market, including
   fundraising of £50 million (net of expenses)

*  Turnover of £1.7 million

*  Loss before goodwill, amortisation and impairment and after interest of
   £3.9 million

*  Cash and liquid reserves of £45.2 million (equivalent to £0.50 per share)
   at 30 September 2000

*  Goodwill amortisation and impairment charge of £33.9 million.

                          Operational Summary

*  The acquisition of Tradezone International

*  The formation of e-cement joint venture with Blue Circle

*  The establishment of a number of strategic alliances and partnerships
  with market leaders in the various vertical communities in which J2C

*  Proposed change of name to J2C plc.

Chief executive, Karl Watkin said, 'I am pleased that our prudent policy
towards development of the business has proved to be the right one in an
unpredictable emerging market environment.  We have continued to manage
effectively our cash position which is vitally important given the
experience of others in Internet related industries.  The strength of our
current cash balance gives us plenty of scope to continue to invest in the
growth of the businesses.  We are committed to
taking whatever steps are necessary to enhance shareholder value.'


Just2clicks.com plc
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Brunswick Group Ltd
Gavin Partington
Russell Hunt                                            020 7404 5959



The period covered by this report has been one of substantial development
for the Group.

The marketplace for high technology stocks has been volatile in the period
since the flotation in February 2000 with values of technology companies
falling by as much as 99%.  The Board has noted the demise of many 'dot com'
businesses and has therefore carefully managed its cash position.  The
Directors will continue with a prudent approach to business development.

The most significant developments during the period have been as follows:

     *  The flotation on AIM, including fundraising of £50 million
     *  The acquisition of Tradezone International
     *  The formation of the e-cement joint venture with Blue Circle
        through which more than $700 million of goods and services have
        been traded to date
     *  The formation of strategic alliances and co-operation with major
        organisations across all of our businesses.

Overall, revenues have been broadly in line with expectations.  However
transactional volumes (with the exception of e-cement) and therefore
commissions generated by the marketplaces have not, to date, developed as
hoped.  As a result, the Group intends to approach suitable partners from
within the industries served by each of the marketplaces in order to
increase the development of transactional volumes and commissions.

In recent months the Board has received a number of approaches proposing a
change in the strategy of the Group through the combination of J2C with
businesses in connected sectors.  In the Board's opinion, these approaches
have not offered shareholders the prospect of substantially better returns
than the current strategy.  However, the Directors will continue to consider
all strategic options and opportunities which arise.


The development of the business has taken place in what, by any standards,
have been exceptional circumstances.  Our company has benefited from prudent
operational control.  At the period end cash reserves were £45.2 million
(equivalent to £0.50 per share) with an operational cash burn of
approximately £650,000 per month.  Since the period end, steps have been
taken to reduce the rate of burn further so that funds are available to
maximise opportunities that are increasingly being presented to the Group.

The strategy of growth by acquisition has resulted in a large goodwill
figure on the consolidated balance sheet.  In keeping with their prudent
approach and recognising the volatility in the market value of Internet
based businesses, the Directors have reassessed the carrying value of the
businesses within the Group.  Consequently the Group has taken an unusually
large write off amounting to £33.9 million in respect of goodwill
amortisation and impairment.  It must be stressed that this has absolutely
no effect upon the cash reserves of the business.

The turnover for the period was £1,730,000 with a loss before goodwill
amortisation and impairment and after interest of £3,925,000.  Bearing in
mind the emerging nature of the market, we believe that these figures
represent an acceptable result for the period under review.


We believe that in an emerging market with significant growth potential,
such as the provision of B2B services, our strategy provides considerable
advantages.  It allows our marketplaces to provide 'bricks and mortar' end
users with efficient e-business services without the up-front investment,
implementation time, resource commitment and risk associated with the
internal development of e-commerce software solutions.

The Board remains convinced of the long-term potential of B2B marketplaces
operated via the Internet.  The direction and progress of the operations
within the Group are continually under review and actions are underway to
focus the businesses in areas that will generate immediate short-term and
long-term revenue streams.

The Group has substantial cash reserves and is determined to take all
necessary steps to maximise shareholder value.

Change of name

A resolution will be proposed at the Annual General Meeting of the Company, to
be held on 9 February 2001, to change the name of the Company from
Just2clicks.com plc to J2C plc.  The Board believes that the Company is widely
known as J2C and that it would be beneficial to change the name to reflect

Business Review

The Group strategy continues to be to take advantage of the significant
opportunities that exist in the creation of B2B trading communities via the
Internet.  Thus far, while revenues have been broadly in line with
expectations, transactional volumes (with the exception of e-cement) have not
matched forecasts.  In order to increase the level of transactional volumes
each subsidiary is in the process of identifying suitable potential high
profile partners within the relevant industry.  J2C differs from many B2B
e-commerce companies by providing a fully hosted centralised trading network
connecting buyers and sellers.

*  Tradezone International (www.tradezone.co.uk)

The acquisition of Tradezone which completed on 28 April 2000 has allowed us
to offer customers access to an e-business trading network on an application
service provision basis.
The main strengths of Tradezone include the development of software to
provide a robust trading platform, high quality and experienced people and an
in-depth knowledge of the e-commerce requirements of local authorities and
other organisations.  The integration of the Tradezone technology with the
existing J2C technical solutions has resulted in the development of the J2C
trading network that is used to power the marketplaces operated by J2C.  A
major marketplace development for Tradezone involves a project, in partnership
with Bull Information Systems and Royal Bank of Scotland Commercial Cards, to
create the local authority market, BestValueZone.

*  BestValueZone (www.bvzone.com)

BestValueZone provides a managed e-procurement platform enabling local
authority purchasers to source, requisition, order and pay for goods and
services from their suppliers' electronic catalogues.  For suppliers to the
public sector, BestValueZone offers a mechanism for placing their electronic
catalogues directly on to their customers' desktops, showing agreed pricing.
The capabilities of BestValueZone have been enhanced with the introduction
of a number of third party services and partnerships that are being
developed with Royal Bank of Scotland Commercial Cards and Bull Information
Implementation of the platform into a number of local authorities is now
under way.  The profile of this service has been raised throughout the year
through a targeted marketing campaign and dedicated sales effort.  The
resulting enquiry and order level is encouraging.
Expansion of the sales infrastructure is now complete and this, along with
continued marketing efforts, should allow BestValueZone to leverage its
capabilities into other public sector organisations.  In this regard we are
now implementing a number of pilot schemes within other public sector
During 2001 continued expansion and penetration of this network throughout
the sector is expected, aided by the introduction and implementation of the
UK Government's 'Best Value Initiative'.

*  Powernet (www.pmsl.net)

Powernet has continued to develop its core business of supplying online
information to the power industry.  The service has been improved by the
inclusion of news and content from Inlumen.  Discussions are taking place
with other content providers so that further enhancements can be made.
In addition Powernet has progressed with the development of a gas turbine
components marketplace based on the J2C trading network.  Initial
development of the marketplace has been with Wood Group Light Industrial
Turbines.  The first transactions using this marketplace are scheduled for
early 2001.
Powernet intends to develop this marketplace and complement it with others
that relate directly to the power generation, transmission and distribution

*  PulpandPaper.Net (www.pulpandpaper.net) ('PPN')

PPN, based in Grand Rapids USA, remains committed to the provision of a
comprehensive online community to the pulp and paper industry. The 'one stop
shop' approach to the provision of information, news, research and education
has helped PPN to achieve growth in its customer base since the acquisition
by J2C, a large proportion of the increase coming from Europe.
PPN intends to increase its penetration of the European market as well as
expanding its content and communications services through increased
personalisation and customisation of content.

*  Translinx (www.translinx.com)

Significant advances have been made in the services offered by Translinx to
the road haulage industry, car transportation sector and to manufacturers
who either operate their own fleet of vehicles or who sub-contract their
distribution requirements to third party carriers.

The range of services includes the following:

   * A web based extranet system based on the J2C trading network platform,
     used by manufacturers to more effectively communicate with their         
     preferred carriers.  This enables the seamless transfer of information   
     from the manufacturer's legacy order capture system to their preferred   
     carriers in a format that offers flexibility and trackability.  From this
     point on, the system offers an on-line audit trail through to the point  
     of delivery that updates both the carrier and the manufacturer with      
     arrival and delivery information as and when they happen.  In addition   
     the system allows load matching between carriers.

   * A browser based GPS tracking system that allows the monitoring of        
     vehicles as to their position, speed, and history of the journey without 
     the need for dedicated hardware.  This service is enabled by the BT      
     Cellnet SMS messaging facility and Cellnet SIM cards.

   * An e-enabled fuel procurement platform.  Plans are in place to add       
     lubricants in early 2001.

Translinx is in the process of building a network of alliances and            
partners in the various areas of its business.  These include: Belgacom       
which is marketing and selling the Translinx brand in France; Mandata         
Group which offers ASP enabled vehicle planning software linked to the        
Translinx extranet products and the Marsh McLellan insurance Group.

*   Webfreight (www.webfreight.net)

Webfreight provides online freight forwarding services to 900 destinations
throughout the world, having added courier and ocean capabilities to the
existing air services. 
Progress has been made during the period by the signing of the first          
airline partner, TWA.  In addition Stefanelli in Italy became the first
international agency partner, providing a global export service from          
Italy.  Other countries expected to be represented by partnership             
agreements early in 2001 are the USA, South Africa, Greece, Turkey, India,    
Bangladesh, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

*   Granite Rock

From its base in Aberdeen, Granite Rock originally provided computer based
geophysical services and consultancy services to the oil and gas              
industries in Scotland.  This emphasis has now changed with the company       
using its in-depth experience in the oil and gas industries in the            
provision of knowledge management solutions to a wide range of                
organisations (www.common-k.com).
The knowledge management services, which include appraisal, consultancy,
software supply and installation, are provided through a highly               
specialised team of consultants.  Although a comparatively new venture,       
there has been a great deal of interest in the offering and initial sales     
have been encouraging.

*    e-cement (www.e-cement.com)

e-cement.com was established on 9 March 2000 as a joint venture investment,
controlled by Blue Circle Industries plc, one of the top five cement
manufacturers in the world.
e-cement.com's registered users now include representatives from most of the
world's major cement suppliers.
The amount of commerce through e-cement has grown rapidly during the year
with a number of successful transactions conducted for goods and services
worth, in aggregate, in excess of $700 million since May 2000.


The Group has been strengthened by its policy of recruiting high quality,
committed people.  In the marketplaces, emphasis has been placed on finding
the right people with strong industry specific experience and knowledge that
is essential when talking to customers.
The team of people who drive our business forward have worked tirelessly on
behalf of the Company in what have been extreme market conditions to develop
the business.  On behalf of all shareholders and the Board, I thank them for
their efforts.

Karl Watkin
Chief Executive Officer

Consolidated profit and loss account
for the 15 month period ended 30 September 2000
                                          2000       2000
                          Note            £000       £000
- continuing operations                    300        
- acquisitions                           1,430
Administrative expenses                              
(including amortisation                           
charge of £7,431,000 and                          
exceptional goodwill                              
impairment of£26,469,000)                         (41,275)
Operating loss                                       
- continuing operations                (35,840)   
- acquisitions                          (3,705)    
Interest receivable and                            
similar income                                     1,779
Interest payable and                                 (59)
similar charges                                      (59)
Loss on ordinary                                  
activities before                                
taxation                                         (37,825)
Tax on profit on ordinary                              
activities                                             -
Loss on ordinary                                     
activities after taxation                        (37,825)
Loss for the financial
period                                           (37,825)
Headline loss per share   2                        (8.3p)
Basic loss per share      2                       (79.7p)
Diluted loss per share    2                       (79.7p)
There are no recognised gains or losses during the current period other than
the loss for the period.

Consolidated balance sheet
at 30 September 2000

                                            2000     2000
                                            £000     £000
Fixed assets                                         
Intangible assets                                  26,519
Tangible assets                                     1,290
Current assets                                      27,809
Stock                                       128      
Debtors                                   1,549    
Cash on short term                       41,730   
Cash at bank and in hand                  3,503    
Creditors: amounts                                   
falling due within one                   (2,596)
year                                   ________
Net current assets                                   44,314
Total assets less current                           
liabilities                                          72,123
Creditors: amounts                                   
falling due after more
than one year                                          (205)
Net assets                                           71,918
Capital and reserves                                 
Called up share capital                                  89
Share premium account                                54,145
Merger reserve                                       18,047
Shares to be issued                                   5,859
Profit and loss account                              (6,222)
Equity shareholders'                                 71,918
funds                                              ________
Consolidated cash flow statement
for the 15 month period ended 30 September 2000

Cash flow from operating                           
activities                                         (7,177)
Returns on investments                                 
and servicing of finance                            1,720
Capital expenditure and                              
financial investment                                 (595)
Acquisitions and                                
disposals                                             56
Cash outflow before                                  
management of liquid                              
resources and financing                            (5,996)
Management of liquid                               (41,730)
Financing                                           51,229
Increase in cash in the                             ________
period                                               3,503 
Reconciliation of net                                
cash flow
to movement in net debt
Increase in cash in the                              
period                                               3,503 
Cash inflow from increase                            
in debt and lease                                       
financing                                               (6)
Cash outflow from                                    
decrease in liquid                               
resources                                           41,730
Change in net debt                                   
resulting from cash flows                           45,227
Loans and finance leases                             
arising on acquisition                              (1,258)
New finance leases                                    (123)
Movement in net funds in                             
the period                                           43,846
Net funds at the start of                                 
the period                                                -
Net funds at the end of                             _________
the period                                            43,846


1.   Financial Information

The financial information set out above does not constitute the Group's
statutory accounts for the period ended 30 September 2000, but is derived from
those accounts.  Those accounts cover the 451 day period from incorporation to
30 September 2000.  For convenience, the period is referred to above and in
those accounts as the 15 months ended 30 September 2000.  Those accounts will
be delivered to the Registrar of Companies in England and Wales following the
Company's annual general meeting.  The auditors have reported on those
accounts and their report was unqualified and did not contain a statement
under section 237(2) or (3) of the Companies Act 1985.

2    Earnings per share

The calculation of earnings per ordinary share is based on a loss of
£37,825,000 after taxation and the weighted average number of ordinary shares
in issue during the period of 47,470,104.

The calculation of diluted earnings per ordinary share uses the same earnings
figure and weighted average number of ordinary shares as the base calculation,
because the share options in existence during one year were exercisable at
above the average share price.

The calculation of the headline earnings per share uses the same weighted
average number of ordinary shares as the basic calculation, however the
earnings are adjusted to exclude amortisation charges and impairment of
goodwill.  This reduced the loss in the current period by £33,900,000 to
£3,925,000 and reduced the loss per share by 71.4p.