Future Integrated

Notifiable Interests

Future Integrated Telephony PLC
6 February 2001

Notifiable Interests

In  accordance  with  S.198 of the Companies  Act  1985  (as
amended)  the  company was today notified by  AMVESCAP  PLC,
that whilst its overall holding remains at 2,069,184 shares,
representing  14.9 per cent. the notifiable holdings  within
the total have changed.

a)   Premier Select European Enterprise Fund no longer has a
     notifiable interest.

b)   INVESCO  English and International Trust plc now  holds
     961,687 shares representing 6.93 per cent. of the issued
     share capital.

c)   INVESCO  UK  Smaller Companies Fund now  holds  641,098
     shares representing 4.62 per cent. of the issued  share

The shares in b) and c) above are registered in the name  of
Chase Nominees Limited.