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Thistle Hotels PLC
12 May 2003


12 MAY 2003

                       Thistle Hotels Plc ('the Company')


On 1 May 2003, BIL International Limited ('BIL') announced that the offer (the
'Offer') made by HSBC Bank plc on behalf of BIL (UK) Limited ('BIL (UK)') for
the entire issued share capital of the Company not already owned by the BIL
group had been declared unconditional in all respects. The Offer has been
recommended by the Company's board.

Further to that announcement, the Company received a further notification from
BIL on 9 May 2003 such that, as a result of valid acceptances having been
received in respect of a total of 73,991,898 ordinary shares in the Company as
at 3.00pm on 8 May 2003, BIL is interested in a total of 295,086,538 ordinary
shares in the Company.

Class of security:                                   Ordinary shares of 25 13/20 pence

Name of person having a major interest:              BIL International Limited through its wholly-owned
                                                     subsidiaries BIL (UK) and Ableton Holdings Limited

Date of notice to company:                           09/05/03

Date of change in interest:                          from 07/05/03 up to and including 08/05/03 as a
                                                     result of acceptances of the Offer

Names of registered holders and number of shares     Ableton Holdings Limited
held by each:
                                                     221,094,639 ordinary shares

                                                     BIL (UK) Limited

                                                     1 (one) ordinary share

                                                     Acceptances received from shareholders

                                                     73,991,898 ordinary shares

Change in the number of shares in which the          15,057,461
substantial shareholder is interested:

Relevant percentage of the issued class              3.12%

of security:

Total holding of the substantial shareholder         295,086,538
following this notification:

Total percentage holding of the substantial          61.17%
shareholder following this notification:

Name of contact and telephone number for queries:    Ian Cattermole

                                                     020 7895 2000

In its notifications to the Company, BIL indicated that the terms of engagement
between BIL (UK) and Capita IRG Plc, in its capacity as receiving and escrow
agent for the purposes of the Offer, may constitute an agreement for the
purposes of section 204 of the Companies Act 1985 in relation to shares which
are the subject of acceptances of the Offer.

Submitted by Ian Cattermole, Company Secretary, on behalf of Thistle Hotels Plc

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