Kuju PLC

Grant of Options

Kuju PLC
22 May 2006

                                    Kuju plc
                           ("Kuju" or the "Company")

                   Grant of options and directors' interests

Kuju announces that on 20 April 2006 the Board approved the granting of the
following options over ordinary shares of 5p each in the capital of the Company
("Ordinary Shares") to certain directors of the Company, all such options being
granted under the terms of the Company's Enterprise Management Incentive Scheme
("EMI Scheme"):

Director                                  No. of options      Exercise price per
                                                 granted          Ordinary Share

Jonathan Newth, Chief Executive Officer          500,000                     20p
Ian Baverstock, Business Development Director    500,000                     20p

The options are exercisable equally over a period of three years. One third of
the share options will be exercisable on or after 19 April 2007, one third on or
after 19 April 2008 and the final third on or after 19 April 2009. The options
must be exercised within 10 years of the date of the grant.

In addition to the share options above, Jonathan Newth and Ian Baverstock hold
the following interests in the share capital of the Company:

Director           Number of Ordinary             % of issued     Subscription to*  Warrants over Ordinary**
                   Shares held                    share capital   loan notes in     Shares held
                                                                  the Company

Jonathan Newth       3,236,196                         20.52%         £50,000          150,000
Ian Baverstock       3,236,196                         20.52%         £50,000          150,000

* To the extent that the Loan Notes have not been repaid on 25 April 2007 they
will automatically convert into new Ordinary Shares at a conversion rate of 10p
per Ordinary Share

** Each warrant will entitle the holder to subscribe for 1 Ordinary Share at a
price of 10p per Ordinary Share

The interests of Jonathan Newth and Ian Baverstock in the loan notes and the
warrants over Ordinary Shares in the Company arise following the recent
fundraising undertaken by the Company, full details of which were announced on
19 May 2006.

Jonathan Newth and Ian Baverstock are regarded by the Panel on Takeovers and
Mergers (the "Panel") has acting in concert for the purposes of Rule 9 of the
City Code on Takeovers and Mergers (together "the Concert Party"). The Panel has
waived the obligation of the Concert Party to make a general offer for the
shares in the Company which might otherwise arise under Rule 9 as a result of
the Concert Party subscribing for the loan notes and warrants, or the exercise
of options granted to members of the Concert Party.

Full details of the waiver granted by the Panel and the maximum potential
percentage holdings of the Concert Party in the share capital of the Company are
contained in the announcement released by the Company on 19 May 2006.

For further information please contact:

Dominic Wheatley, Non-Executive Chairman, Kuju plc Tel: 01483 414 344

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