Morley Alt.Inv.Strat

Results of Class meeting

MorleyAlternativeInvStrat Fd PCC Ld
26 May 2006

                          Stock Exchange Announcement

                       For immediate release May 26, 2006

    Morley Alternative Investment Strategy Fund PCC Limited (the 'Company')

                          Re: Results of Class Meeting

The following resolutions were passed by shareholders at the Class Meeting of
the G7 Fixed Income Cell held on 26 May 2006:

1          To appoint Morley Fund Management International Limited (trading
under the name MFM International in the US) as Investment Manager of the G7 Cell
with effect from close of business on 26 May 2006 in place of Morley Fund
Management Limited.

2          To change the name of the G7 Cell from the 'G7 Fixed Income Cell' to
the 'G7 Fixed Income Fund'.

3          To redesignate the G7 Cell's G7 (£) Shares, G7 (€) Shares and G7 ($)
Shares as Tranche 1 G7 (£) Shares, Tranche 1 G7 (€) Shares and Tranche 1 G7 ($)
Shares respectively and to create a further eight classes of Participating
Shares to be known as Tranche 2 G7 (£) Shares, Tranche 2 G7 (€) Shares, Tranche
2 G7 ($) Shares, Tranche 2 G7 (Y) Shares, Tranche 3 G7 (£) Shares, Tranche 3 G7
(€) Shares, Tranche 3 G7 ($) Shares and Tranche 3 G7 (Y) Shares, all to be
listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and The Channel Islands Stock Exchange.

4          To approve the definition of 'Qualified Holder' as set out in the
Revised Prospectus.

5          To amend and restate the G7 Cell's Investment Objectives, Policies
and Restrictions, Portfolio Construction and Distribution Policy as per Part 1
of the Revised Prospectus.

6          To approve the Revised Prospectus and the terms thereof shall,
insofar as it constitutes the Cell Rules applicable to the G7 Cell.

7          To authorise the Directors of the Company to take all such steps as
they may deem necessary or desirable in furtherance of the implementation of the
above Ordinary Resolutions.


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