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Award-Winning Software Helps Leading Waste Management Company Reduce
Storage Requirements and Costs While Increasing Resiliency and

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - April 02, 2008) - Vision Solutions, the
leading high availability and disaster recovery solutions provider in
IBM Power Systems markets (NYSE: IBM), today announced Norcal Waste
Systems, Inc. and their IT team are realizing a significant return on
their ORION HA and Vision Director software investments.

Norcal serves more than 570,000 residential and 55,000 commercial
customers -- business continuity and IT efficiency are critical. The
company runs in-house-developed customer service system, JD Edwards
financials and Web applications on a daily basis. To select the right
high availability and optimization solutions, Norcal turned to Key
Information Systems, Inc., an IBM Premier Business Partner who
recommended ORION HA for i5/OS and Vision Director.

"We chose Vision Solutions' ORION HA software to make sure these
vital systems are up and running much more quickly in the event of a
disruption," says Oscar Campos, lead operator at Norcal. "And it's
great that ORION HA allows us to pick and choose what we want to

"We're pleased to see the continuing success of ORION HA in
enterprise-class environments such as Norcal," says Henry Martinez,
senior vice president of engineering for Vision Solutions. "ORION
continues to be a reliable, go-to product in the industry's most
complex, high-volume transaction rate settings."

Norcal also became aware that optimization could be valuable for its
IBM System i environments. "Before we implemented replication
software, we needed to do some cleaning up, and we saw that an
operational tool could help us do that efficiently," Campos says.
"And when we upgraded from JDE World to OneWorld, we used Vision
Director to locate and clean up millions of deleted records estimated
to be worth more than 20 percent of the total storage -- this fact
alone justifies the purchase of the software."

"With Vision Director, I can easily and effectively retrieve
information on what jobs were run at what times and I can see the
size of system objects and libraries," adds Mike McLaughlin, director
of operations for Norcal. "We're saving significant storage space and
avoiding problems like latency issues and application hold-ups."

Norcal replicates data from San Francisco to its site in Vacaville,
California. They have three LPARs on an IBM i550 and recently added a
third partition to their i520 in Vacaville for development. They
perform periodic tests for integrity, reporting success with ORION

Overall, ORION HA and Vision Director have helped Norcal to:

--  reduce storage requirements and costs.

--  increase IT team efficiency and productivity.

--  support effective IT planning for storage space and task management.

--  provide IT system continuity for a business that provides a vital
regional service.

Vision Director helps increase efficiency and productivity for the
Norcal IT team and for its developers. "This allows me to focus on
other projects because I can see the sizes of objects and libraries
rapidly on screen without having to run time-consuming reports,"
Campos says. "The product is great and the fact that we recovered
257GB from just one expansion saved us more than $12,000."

"It's wonderful how much benefit Norcal realized from Vision Director
and it's a story we hear frequently from others installing our
products," says Paul Wade, director of SMB products for Vision
Solutions. "Companies are taking more interest in disk utilization
and eliminating inefficient practices -- a reflection of social
trends as well as rising skill costs. There's a lot of buzz in
Systems Management circles about being more green and less wasteful.
Fortunately, Vision Solutions has the experience and software to

"With ORION HA and Vision Director, we're prepared to keep Norcal
systems on line in the event of an emergency -- and even improve our
internal storage space issues on a daily basis," Campos concluded.

About Vision Solutions

Vision Solutions, Inc. is the world's leading provider of high
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productivity, reduce operating costs and satisfy compliance
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