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                                 PRESS RELEASE                                 

                            FLUID LEADER GROUP PLC                             

    Completion of Arrangements with His Excellency Sheikh Faisal Bin Khalid    
                    Mohammed Al Qassimi ("His Excellency")                     

                                 Board Changes                                 

               Agreement with Pipejoin Technologies Inc. ("Inc")               

                 Acquisition of further Intellectual Property                  

The Board of Fluid Leader Group PLC ("the Company") is pleased to announce a
series of events which it considers will move the Company forward.

1. Following the announcement made on 2 July 2008 ("the Announcement") improved
agreements have been reached with His Excellency Sheikh Faisal Bin Khalid
Mohammed Al Qassimi ("His Excellency"):-

 a. His Excellency has agreed to provide substantial benefits to the Company
    which in the opinion of the Board represent a significant improvement on
    the terms set out in the Announcement. These include the provision of two
    parcels of land of 40,000 sq. Meters each, one in the Al Hamriyaha Freezone
    which has a deep water harbour and the other in the Sharjah Airport
    International Freezone, together with a contribution to the cost of
    construction of the requisite buildings to establish a Middle East hub and
    factory to be erected for the Company in Sharjah. The lease will be for a
    term of 25 years, rent free for 15 years and with an option to renew for a
    further 25 years. In addition His Excellency has agreed to provide the
    political and administrative support needed in Sharjah;
 b. The Company has allotted to His Excellency 25,000,000 shares credited as
    fully paid ("Shares") representing approximately 12.2 per cent of the
    issued and outstanding share capital of the Company;
 c. His Excellency has agreed to join the Board of the Company as a
    non-executive director; and
 d. The Board considers that the arrangements with His Excellency constitute an
    Event as defined in the Readmission Document to PLUS Markets Group Plc
    dated on 2 June 2008. In consequence the achievement shares will be
    released to Mr Paul Davidson subject to the Lock-In agreements in effect
    with Mr Paul Davidson.
2. In addition to the appointment of His Excellency the following further
Board changes have been made:-
 a. Mr Paul Davidson has stepped down as Chief Executive in the light of his
    other business commitments. He will remain as a non-executive director and
    technical consultant to the Company;
 b. Mr Jonathan Morley-Kirk, Chairman of the Company will assume the additional
    role of Chief Executive. This will allow the duties and focus of this
    important role to be fully scoped out ahead of recruiting a qualified and
    experienced Chief Executive in due course; and
 c. Mr Keith Wyness has been appointed a non-executive director of the Company.
    He is an Industrial Economics graduate of Nottingham University. After 12
    years in the cruise business he moved to work on the Sydney Olympics before
    moving back to the UK in 2001. Mr Wyness has been Chief Executive Officer
    and director of Aberdeen FC and Everton FC. Over the past five years he has
    held the following board positions:
Current                                Past five years                       
Soccer Range Stadia Limited            Aberdeen Football Club Plc            
Scottish Exhibition Centre Limited     The Scottish Premier League Limited   
                                       Everton Investments Limited           
                                       Goodison Park Stadium Limited         
                                       Everton Football Club Company, Limited
                                       Aberdeen Broadcasting Company Limited 
                                       Original Liverpool FM Limited         

It is anticipated that the Company will enter into Letters of Appointment with
His Excellency and Keith Wyness; and a revised Letter of Appointment with
Jonathan Morley-Kirk, details will be announced in due course.

3. The Board is pleased to announce an agreement with Pipejoin Technologies,
Inc. ("Pipejoin") whereby certain intellectual property related to the
Company's products currently owned by Big Pipes Limited ("BP"), a subsidiary of
Pipejoin will be acquired by the Company by the acquisition of all of the share
capital of BP and the Company will transfer concurrently all of the share
capital of Edward One Limited and Edward Two Limited, subsidiaries of the
Company which are shareholders of Pipejoin. Thereafter there will be no
commercial or other links between Pipejoin and the Company.

4. The Board is pleased to announce that in addition to the acquisition of
intellectual property through the purchase of BP it has reached agreement
with Mr Paul Davidson for the acquisition of additional intellectual
property for nominal consideration. This will make the Company's position
stronger in this important area.
5. The Board is confident that as a result of the transactions referred to in
this announcement the Company will be in a position further to enhance
further its business plan.
The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for this announcement.

                                   - ends -                                    


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