Hyper Entertainment PLC

Half-yearly Report

30th September 2008                              

                   HYPER ENTERTAINMENT PLC 
                      INTERIM RESULTS                   

The Board of Hyper Entertainment PLC ("Hyper" or the "Company"), a business
focused on delivering viable strategic solutions to its clients within the
entertainment, retail, leisure and real estate sectors, announces today its
unaudited interim results for the six-month period ending 30 June 2008.


  * Net profit before Taxation for the period £34,683
  * Turnover for the period increased by 418 per cent

During the period under review the Company generated a turnover of £305,405
(2007: £72,905). As a result of the increased turnover, Net Profit before
Taxation increased to £34,683 (2007: £27,656 Loss).

Much of Hyper's work for the first six months of the year has been in Abu Dhabi
providing consultancy services to ALDAR Properties PJSC on their Yas Island
Entertainment Projects including the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Theme Park. The
Company has also continued providing services for ZFP Development for their
proposed project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, The Shakespeare's Globe and The Ian
Fleming Centenary in London and on The Deep a project in Los Angeles, USA.

I am pleased to announce that during the first half of the year the Company has
entered into new contracts for the provision of strategic consultancy services
most notably to Archant Publishing for sponsorship of The France Show at Earl's
Court in January 2009, for Bird's Eye View Developers Services on the Tour &
Taxi's project in Brussels and to Terra Firma Capital Partners for services
related to EMI in Hollywood, California and Abbey Road Studios in London.


The continuation of existing contracts through the balance of 2008 and
potentially into 2009 looks quite robust. In addition, through Hyper's
continued business development activities, we are evaluating a number of
exciting potential projects for clients in the Middle East, China, the US and
the UK.

The management of Hyper is investigating new opportunities outside the
traditional consultancy offerings that could lead to the development of
long-term sustainable turnover from the operation and potential ownership of
leisure and entertainment businesses.

Michael Swinney


The Directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.



Wendy Rosenthal
020 7025 8077


Monisha Varadan
020 7562 3389

For further information about the Company: www.hyperentertainment.com

Hyper Entertainment PLC                                                                                             
Profit & Loss Report                                                                                          
                                Six Months    Six Months            Twelve                      
                                    to            to               Months to                    
                                  Jun-08        Jun-07              Dec 07                      
                                (Unaudited)   (Unaudited)          (Audited)                    
Product Sales                     304,724        72,905             329,535            
Other Sales                           681             -               5,606  
                                  -------        ------             -------                                    
Total Turnover                    305,405        72,905             335,141  
                                  -------        ------             -------                                
Cost of Sales                                                                                   
Purchases                         143,642        27,598             135,947 
Miscellaneous Expenses              6,392             -                   -                      
                                  -------       -------             -------     
Total Cost of Sales              (150,034)      (27,598)           (135,947)  
                                  -------       -------             -------                                                                                                                                  
                                  -------       -------             -------                    
Gross Profit/(Loss)               155,371        45,307             199,194  
                                  -------       -------             -------          
Overheads                        (120,688)      (72,963)           (177,749)  
                                  -------       --------            -------
Net Profit/(Loss)                  34,683       (27,656)             21,445  
                                  -------       --------            -------