Ackermans & van Haaren

Ackermans & van Haaren: Annual results 2008

The result of  the participations  (before capital  gains on  private
equity) amounted to 136.4 million  euros for the 2008 financial  year
(versus 183.2 million euros for 2007)

Net result decreased to 114.6 million euros due to less capital gains
and  exceptional  impairments  (Groupe  Flo,  Distriplus  and  Fortis

* Important growth of the turnover and profit of the dredging
  activities (DEME) in a continuous very active market
* Lower contribution from real estate activities due to exceptional
  costs, losses and a delay in the realisation of some real estate
* Strong performance by Bank Delen and Bank J.Van Breda & C°. in
  extremely volatile market circumstances
* Contribution of Private Equity participations influenced by poor
  fourth quarter and impairments at Groupe Flo and Distriplus

The Board of Directors  proposes to the  General Meeting to  maintain
the dividend at 1.39 euros.

The Board of Directors  of Ackermans & van  Haaren NV announces  that
the consolidated net result (group share) for the 2008 financial year
amounted to 114.6 million euros,  compared to 241.4 million euros  in

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