2009 9-month sales up by 1.0%

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                        2009 9-month sales up by 1.0%
                      Classified Ads increased by 3.8%

Real estate market   FY 2009 targets confirmed   Record-breaking audience in
  stabilising                                          September 2009
Paris, 3 November 2009 - Consolidated sales for the first 9 months stand at
EUR54.0m (+1.0%). 

(All figures are based on a comparison with the same period in 2008, unless
otherwise stated)

Revenues (EUR'000)      As at 30th       As at 30th
                      September        September        Change
                        2009              2008
Classified ads         41,938            40,391      1,547   3.8%
- Paris area           20,005            20,094        -90  -0.4%
- Regions              21,934            20,297      1,637  +8.1%
Online advertising 
and partnerships        2,650             2,483        167  +6.7%
Direct services to 
internet users          1,021             1,008         13  +1.3%
Total classified ads
and media              45,609            43,882      1,727  +3.9%

Services: agency 
website design and 
listing                 3,851             4,985     -1,134 -22.7%

Real estate software 
Périclès                4,566             4,649        -83  -1.8%

TOTAL revenues         54,027            53,515        512  +1.0%

" Along with other sectors of the economy, the real estate market has
experienced a crisis unlike any other in recent times, which has heavily
affected real estate agents. Since the month of September, transaction levels in
old property have stabilised and the drop in transaction prices is slowing down.
The 1.0% growth in revenues over the first 9 months of the year 2009 mirrors
this market condition, and explains the refocusing of real estate agent
communication budgets towards the most efficient Internet supports. Today we are
witnessing a point of inflection in the real estate market. For the current
financial year, we reiterate our aim to reach the upper range of our estimations
" declares Roland Tripard, CEO of the Group

The main visibility indicators in terms of Internet traffic remain favourable.
In September 2009, the Group reaches for the first time the historic level of
3.0 million monthly unique visitors.

                                 September 09   September 08     Change
Number of ads                     2,292,000      2,356,000         -3%
Number of unique visitors*        3,137,000      2,535,000         24%
Number of visits                 12,483,000     10,956,000         14%
Number of pages viewed          162,141,000    135,4550,00         20%

Source: Google Analytics and * :Mediamétrie // NetRatings

Internet traffic growth is one of the pillars of our development strategy. The
number and the quality of visitors to our websites constitute a precondition to
winning new clients.
The first effects of launching the new website at the end of
September are positive. Users have welcomed the new functions of the search
engine. In-house tools for internal statistics show a slight increase in the
number of pages viewed with hardly any decrease in viewing time despite a more
fluid navigation tool. Furthermore, the SeLoger on iPhone application, launched
less than two months ago, is approaching the mark of 120 000 downloads. The
Group thus confirms its status as a leader in innovation. Prior to generalised
access to Internet mobile, the Group assures an increased audience on its 

- Classified Ads and Media revenues for the first nine months of 2009 record an
increase of 3.9% to EUR45.6m and of 2.7 % on a like-for-like basis (excluding
the consolidation of Belles Demeures).

Classified Ads mark an increase of 8.1% in the regions over the whole period and
remain stable in the Paris area.

These figures reflect a net loss of 48 clients over the third quarter 2009 (-11
in the Paris area and -47 in the regions) and the stability of the average
monthly national basket at EUR332 at the end of September 2009. (EUR413 in the
Paris area and EUR286 in the regions). The erosion in the average basket in the
Paris area in September 2009 should be analysed with caution since the figure
for a single month cannot be representative of the whole year.

                                Sept-09   June-09   March-09   Dec-08  Sept-08
                                                   Paris area
Number of customers              4,357     4,368      4,350    4,385     4,521
ARPC in Euros                      413       421        417      408       408
Number on points of sales        5,302     5,385      5,296    5,421     5,937

Number of customers              7,571     7,618      7,588    7,644     7,961
ARPC in Euros                      286       281        276      277       273
Number on points of sales       10,844    10,996     10,698   10,667    11,850

Number of customers             11,928    11,986     11,938   12,029    12,482
ARPC in Euros                      332       332        328      325       322
Number on points of sales       16,141    16,381     15,994   16,088    17,787

- On-line Advertising and Partnerships have increased by 6.7% over the period.
As announced, this activity expanded during the third quarter 2009 (+37.7%).
Within the lack-lustre market of Internet advertising, the Group offers,
generally based on efficiency (notably payment per click) continue to attract

- Website Design and Listing: following a 12-month overhaul of the services
billing system, these revenues increased by 5.1% during the third quarter 2009.
This inflection illustrates the soundness of the decision taken one year ago.
Clients accept to commit themselves to a contract by tacit renewal providing
service payments are spread across the total period.

- The 1.8% decrease of Périclès real estate software is ascribable to the near
absence of new real estate agencies, its main source of new clients.
Furthermore, the software activity requires a longer sales process than
classified ads because it has greater impact on the daily management of

2009 Year Outlook

Considering the current market conditions, the Group fully confirms its capacity
to place itself towards the top level of its 2009 targets, i.e. revenues ranging
between EUR70m and EUR73m with Ebitda* of between EUR35m and EUR37m.

Roland Tripard, CEO of the Group concludes " the real estate market
appears to be reaching its lowest point in terms of transaction volumes.
Nevertheless, following several months of slight activity, we remain watch ful
of our client cash positions.
The successful transition to recurrent subscription for most of our services
will help to insure future revenues. New products like Flash Agence and are receiving a favourable response; over 5% of Périclès clients
were subscribers to one of these services in September 2009 against less than 2%
in January 2009. The success of our new website, and the iPhone
application illustrates our determination to win over new audience. I wish to
pay tribute to the collective efforts of each person in the Group in
successfully conducting different assignments, and I know that this dynamic will
be pursued in 2010. I am convinced that we are favourably positioned to benefit
from the market recovery".

                         Consolidated sales for the third quarter 2009

         Revenues (EUR'000)           Q3-2009    Q3-2009    Change
Classified ads                        14,320     14,750    -2.9% 
- Paris area                           6,716      7,595   -11.6% 
- Regions                              7,604      7,155    +6.3% 
Online advertising and partnerships    1,021        741   +37.7% 
Direct services to internet users        397        395    +0.5% 
Total classified ads and media        15,738     15,887    -0.9%

Services: agency website design and 
listing                                1,312      1,248    +5.1% 

Real estate software Périclès          1,501      1,603    -6.3% 

TOTAL revenues                        18,551     18,737    -1.0%

         Revenues (EUR'000)          Q2-2009    Q1-2009   Q2-2008   Q1-2008
Classified ads                       14,034      13,562    13,357   12,271
- Paris area                          6,764       6,520     6,488    6,013   
- Regions                             7,270       7,064     6,870    6,258
Online advertising and partnerships     878         833     1,015      726   
Direct services to internet users       331         294       292      295
Total classified ads and media       15,243      14,689    14,665   13,292

Services: agency website design and 
listing                               1,280       1,226     1,904    1,832

Real estate software Périclès         1,517       1,598     1,562    1,484

TOTAL revenues                       18,039      17,513    18,131   16,609      

Third quarter 2009 sales show a 1.0% decrease on a consolidated basis with a
11.6% decrease for classified ads in the Paris area. This decrease mainly comes
from allocation terms of the revenues or from non recurring items.

                                Coming event:  
                      Fourth Quarter 2009 Sales Figures 
                   27 January 2010 (After market closing)

* : Ebitda: Earnings before interests, tax, depreciation and amortization.


The group is France's leading online real estate player, with
websites and services aimed at internet users and real estate professionals.
It has become France's benchmark online marketplace for real estate classified
ads with several leading sites,, and The group is also the leading
provider in France for real estate transactions software solutions with

The group gives internet users access to France's most extensive range of
classified real estate ads, with more than 2.2 million ads. It also gives real
estate professionals the largest platform in the market, with an audience
consisting of more than 3.0 million unique visitors spending an average time of
more than 20 minutes (source: Mediametrie//Netratings September 2009).'s business model is based on innovative services dedicated to real
estate professionals. The company plans to maintain its growth strategy, which
focuses on four main areas:

  - continuing to add new estate agent customers, in both Paris and the
  - improving its range of products and dedicated services for all types of real
    estate professionals; 
  - introducing innovative new services for individuals planning a real estate
  - making selective acquisitions. has been listed on Euronext Paris (compartment B) since 
30 November 2006 and is part of the following indexes: SBF 250, CAC SMALL 90, 
CAT IT and Euronext 100.
ISIN code: FR0010294595


Investor relations:       Laurence Bégonin Maury
                          +33 1 53 38 29 00
                          [email protected] 
Corporate communication:  Karine Reffet
                          [email protected] 

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