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Acquisition of Scissorhands Media Limited

13 November 2009

                                          Interactive Publishing plc
                           ('Interactive Publishing', 'the Company' or 'the Group')

                                   Acquisition of Scissorhands Media Limited


Interactive  Publishing (PLUS: INTP), the PLUS-quoted consumer publishing company, is pleased to  announce  the
acquisition  of  Scissorhands  Media  Limited  from  Financial  One  Securities  Limited  (the  "Acquisition").
Scissorhands  Media  Limited is the holding company for the specialist consumer titles,  "Hair  Now",  "Perfect
Hair",  "Hair & Beauty" and the related foreign language editions together with the related trading  assets  of
the business.

The  consideration  for the Acquisition is up to a maximum of approximately £500,000, to be  satisfied  by  the
issue  of  unsecured  convertible  loan  notes  of  £250,000 (the  "Convertible  Loan  Note")  and  a  deferred
consideration  of up to £250,000 payable by the issue of new ordinary shares in the Company at 1.5p  per  share
based  on  the  pre tax profits of the acquisition for the year ended 30 June 2010. The Convertible  Loan  Note
bears interest at 6% per annum with repayments by monthly instalments of £10,000 commencing on 31 January 2010.
The Convertible Loan Note can be converted into equity at a price of 1.5 pence per share at the holder's option
at  any  time prior to redemption. The deferred consideration shares are issuable at the rate of 67 shares  for
every £1 of pre tax profit up to a maximum of 16,666,667 new ordinary shares.

Financial One Securities Limited currently has an existing shareholding of 25,613,978 ordinary shares with  one
voting  right  each,  representing 14.63% of the voting rights in the issued  ordinary  share  capital  of  the
Company. As a result of the Acquisition and assuming full conversion of the Convertible Loan Note and the issue
of  the  maximum  amount of deferred consideration shares Financial One Securities Limited could  increase  its
holding by a maximum of an additional 33,333,333 ordinary shares, representing a total of 28.29% of the  voting
rights in the enlarged issued ordinary share capital of the Company.

Scissorhands Media Limited was set up in September 2008 for the purpose of holding and conveying the assets and
trade  of  the  various  hair and beauty titles, which previously traded as a division  of  another  publisher.
Consequently,  there  is no historic financial information available for the division, although  the  Directors
expect  Scissorhands  Media Limited to generate around £1,750,000 of turnover per annum  via  newsstand  sales,
subscriptions  and advertising. The business is expected to contribute immediate cash flow to  the  Group.  The
purchase price of up to £500,000 almost wholly represents goodwill paid for the business.

The titles published by Scissorhands Media Limited are focused on providing relevant and up to date information
on  all aspects of the hair and beauty industries targeted specifically to inform the consumer. The titles  are
published  on 6 weekly and bi-monthly frequencies and Hair Now is the number one best selling hair magazine  in
Europe.  The  latest  available  ABC  certificate for the period ended  31  December  2008  confirms  that  the
Scissorhands  Media  group of titles achieved average net circulation of 161,481 copies  per  issue,  of  which
59,961 copies were in the UK and Republic of Ireland and 101,520 copies were in other countries.

Justin Sanders, CEO of Interactive Publishing said today,

"This latest acquisition is expected to increase our annual revenues by around £1,750,000 (which is more than a
25% increase based on the existing Group portfolio) and provide an immediate contribution to Group earnings and
cash  flow. The various titles are long established in the industry and with the Group's existing resources  we
will  be  able to increase our purchasing power and use our knowledge of the industry to maximise  the  profits
achievable  from  these  titles  and  to create substantial contribution  to  the  Group's  earnings  and  cash

The Directors of Interactive Publishing plc accept responsibility for this announcement.

                                   - ends -


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Notes to editors:

Interactive Publishing plc floated on the PLUS market on 20 February 2008 for the purpose of making investments
in  the publishing and marketing services sectors and with the objective of producing long-term capital growth.
Since  its  Introduction the directors of the Company have been aggressively expanding the Company's  portfolio
through the acquisition of magazine titles primarily in the consumer lifestyle sector.

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