Director/PDMR Shareholding

Director/PDMR Shareholding

AquaSource Algae Group

AquaSource Algae Group Plc

Purchase of AquaSource Shares by Directors and another significant shareholder.

On the 26th February 2010, the Directors of the Company purchased the following shares from the Estate of David B Gaiman a former Director of the company:

Director   Shares   Consideration   Revised   Revised
Purchased Holding %age
S. Lewis 346,926 £3,903 15,994,859 27.1%
O. Spurling 346,929 £3,903 9,052,481 15.4%
E. Delahunt 346,926 £3,903 1,674,002 2.8%
R. Daryani 346,926 £3,903 471,592 0.8%

The remainder of David B Gaiman’s shareholding was purchased by Mr A Spurling, whose revised holding is now 23.1%

Formal registration of these transfers is awaiting the return of the probate certificate.

The Directors of AquaSource accept responsibility for this announcement.


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