Fidelity Systems PLC

Trading Statement


Following my trading statement of September 2009 regarding the signing of our
partnership agreement with Magna Carta Chipcard Solutions B.V., I am pleased to
be able to announce that Fidelity Systems PLC in partnership with Magna Carta
have been selected for Keele University's next generation EPoS solution
incorporating cashless payment which will go live in 2010.

Keele University in North Staffordshire is the UK's largest integrated campus
university occupying a 617 acre estate, with a high percentage of residential
students. More than 100,000 visitors, guests and delegates enjoy the campus
throughout the year at a variety of conferences and other events. Keele have
always been at the forefront of smartcard deployment in a University
environment. In 1998, Keele were one of the first UK universities to introduce
the Mifare contactless card to manage multiple applications from a single card.

Paul Lowsley - Chairman of Fidelity Systems plc commented;

"We originally engaged in discussions with Keele University on this project
over a year ago as we had an existing relationship with the Students Union (we
currently deal with circa 70 University sites across the UK and Ireland). We
were particularly pleased to be awarded this contract which we believe provides
a best of breed combination with the Fidelity GPoS solution integrated with the
Magna Carta FacilityPro cashless payment system across campus. Of particular
interest at Keele is the collaboration between the Student Union and the
University to enable one common payment system shared by both using a single
campus multi application card".

Hans Ruck, Magna Carta's Commercial Director commented;

"We are delighted to cooperate with Fidelity on this project. We believe that
this partnership has great potential due to our integration efforts. The 
integration of Fidelity's GPoS and Magna Carta's FacilityPro will result 
in a very user friendly solution. This deal emphasises Magna Carta's 
continued focus on and success in the UK University market"

Fidelity and Magna Carta are currently in negotiations with further
Universities who require a completely integrated campus payment solution. The 
card can be used as a method of payment for printing, photocopying, catering 
and vending with other uses such as access control car parking and lockers.

About Fidelity Systems plc

Fidelity Systems plc is a leading provider of Electronic Point of Sale software
and hardware to the education, private and public sector in the UK. To date 
over 6,000 copies of Fidelity software have been sold worldwide.

About Magna Carta Chipcard Solutions B.V.

Magna Carta,with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in the UK and Ireland,
has over a decade of expertise in the world of unmanned payment systems and 
transaction security which has placed them at the forefront of card solutions
in both the education and corporate world. The amount involved in transactions
processed through Magna Carta terminals is over 600 million euro per year.

The Directors of Fidelity Systems plc accept responsibility for this