Webb Capital Plc


                               Webb Capital plc                                

                       (`the Company'or "Webb Capital")                        

       Acquisition of Chatsford Corporate Finance Limited (`Chatsford')        

Webb Capital plc, the PLUS Markets quoted financial services group, announces
that it has today acquired, subject to FSA regulatory approval, 100 per cent of
the issued share capital of Chatsford.

Chatsford is an independent corporate and investment advisory firm focussing on
small to medium sized companies; both quoted and unquoted, with a commitment to
help them achieve their goals. Chatsford is a Plus Markets Corporate Advisor.

In the year ended 31 March 2010 Chatsford recorded a loss of £3,500 on turnover
of £25,700 and at that date had net tangible assets of £51,200.

As part of the transaction Chatsford founders Martin Perrin and John Shaw
together with their partner Jeffrey Lawrence have agreed new consultancy
arrangements and Chatsford's appointed representatives Lennox Partners will
continue their existing relationship with the company.

The total consideration is £64,000 to be settled as to £12,800 in cash and £
51,200 in shares by the issue of 204,800 ordinary shares of 10 pence credited
as fully paid at an issue price of 25 pence per share.

Application has been made to the Financial Services Authority for change of
control permission.

Commenting on the acquisition Webb Capital CEO Peter Webb said:

`I have been very keen to see Webb Capital achieve Plus Markets Corporate
Advisor status as soon as possible as I believe we have a significant
opportunity to assist companies within this market. The opportunity to acquire
Chatsford and thereby speed-up that process allied to recruiting three seasoned
corporate finance professionals is a sensible move for the Company.

My ambition is to see Webb Capital quickly become one of the leading advisors
on PLUS Markets. `

The Directors accept responsibility for this announcement

A copy of this announcement is available on www.webbcapital.com

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