Webb Capital Plc

Completion of Acquisition

                               Webb Capital plc                                

                       (`the Company'or "Webb Capital")                        

Completion of acquisition of Chatsford Corporate Finance Limited (`Chatsford') 

Webb Capital plc, the PLUS Markets quoted financial services group, announces
that it has today completed the acquisition of 100 per cent of the issued share
capital of Chatsford.

Chatsford is a corporate and investment advisory firm focussing on small to
medium sized companies; both quoted and unquoted. Chatsford is a Plus Markets
Corporate Advisor.

As part of the transaction Chatsford founders Martin Perrin and John Shaw
together with Jeffrey Lawrence have agreed new consultancy arrangements and
Chatsford's existing relationship with Lennox Partners will continue.

The total consideration for the acquisition is £64,000 which has been settled
as to £12,800 in cash and £51,200 in shares by the issue of 204,800 ordinary
shares of 10 pence credited as fully paid at an issue price of 25 pence per

Following the issue of these shares the Company has 7,593,551 Ordinary shares
of 10p each in issue

The Directors accept responsibility for this announcement

A copy of this announcement is available on www.webbcapital.com

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