Merrill Lynch & Co



Deutsche Bank AG

Please note that the following Issues have been repurchased by the Issuer:

Sl. No   Value date   ISIN   Currency   Repurchase Amt   New O/S   Next Coupon   Issuer Name
1 01-Nov-2010 XS0341547759 USD 1,497,986.00 10,281,852.00 14-Jan-2013 Merrill Lynch and S.A.
2 01-Nov-2010 XS0344931463 USD 1,065,000.00 11,338,000.00 07-Feb-2013 Merrill Lynch and S.A.
3 01-Nov-2010 XS0344931620 EUR 754,000.00 4,366,000.00 07-Feb-2013 Merrill Lynch and S.A.
4 01-Nov-2010 XS0334767521 USD 5,619,000.00 56,710,000.00 20-Dec-2012 Merrill Lynch and S.A.

Please arrange to reflect this in your records