2010 Third-Quarter revenues up 15.5%

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                  Third-quarter 2010 sales figures up 15.5%

               Q1: +10%       EBITDA* close to the upper end 
               Q2: +12%       of the objectives set for 2010
               Q3: +15%

                        recovery in the real estate 
                              resale market

Paris, 3 November 2010 - Consolidated sales for the first nine months of 2010
grew 12.6% to EUR60.9 m.
(all changes are in comparison with the same period in 2009, unless stated

Revenues (EUR'000)               As of 30th of   As of 30th of     Variation
                                  Sept. 2010      Sept. 2009

Classified ads                       47,380        41,938       5,442   +13,0%
 - Paris area                        21,716        20,005       1,712    +8,6%
 - Regions                           25,664        21,934       3,730   +17,0%
Online advertising and partnerships   2,893         2,650         243    +9,2%
Direct services to internet users     1,087         1,021          66    +6,4%
Total classified ads and media       51,360	   45,609       5,751   +12,6%
Services: agency website design 
and listing                           4,850	    3,852         998   +25,9%
Real estate software Périclès         4,650	    4,566	   84    +1,8%
TOTAL revenues                       60,860	   54,027       6,833   +12,6%

"Since the low point of 12 months ago, the recovery in property resale
transactions has been more vigorous than anticipated. This promising trend,
associated with our good sales performances, allowed us to accelerate our
revenue growth further in the third quarter. At the end of September, our
national market penetration stood at 67%, as against 61% at the end of 2009. 
In terms of profitability over the whole year, we anticipate that we will be 
able to reach an EBITDA* from ordinary activities close to the upper end of 
the objectives we announced at the start of the year" says Roland Tripard, 
CEO of the

- Ever-increasing traffic. Our internal (site-centric) statistical tools, which
meet the most stringent market standards (Omniture and Google Analytics) show
a considerable increase in traffic on the Group's sites, with a 56% rise in the 
number of visits. The performance levels measured by Mediamétrie//Netratings 
over the same period (user-centric) show an increase in traffic limited to 2%. 
This difference seems to come from redress calculations of Mediametrie panel.

                                          Sept-10     Sept-09   Change
Number of visits	       million	    19,4	12,5	+ 56%
Number of pages viewed         million     247,2       162,1    + 52%
Time spent per unique user*    minute      18:20       23:48    -5:28
Number of unique visitors*     million	     3,2	3,1	 + 2%

Source: Google Analytics and *: Mediamétrie//NetRatings

- 13.0% growth in classified ad sales during the first 9 months of 2010 to
EUR47.4 m.The positive effect of the subscription-based business model in the
context of a steady upturn in activity for real estate professionals explains
the acceleration of growth during the third quarter (+16.3% nationally and
+19.6% outside Paris in comparison to Q3 2009).
During the quarter, the Group concluded a significant framework agreement with
France's number one estate agent network, Orpi: all agencies belonging to this 
grouping are now customers, giving us 289 additional points of 
sale. Thus, at the end of September 2010, the Group had a total of 19,551 
points of sale, up 11% since last year. The agreement has also resulted in an 
additional 20,000 classified ads on the site, making the site more 
attractive for internet users.
All Orpi sales outlets are now billed via a single contract, as opposed to the
582 contracts previously in operation. Thus, during Q3 2010, the number of
customers invoiced fell by 557 nationally, and the average basket has risen 
8.2% in a year to EUR409.
Outside of this agreement, the number of customers billed rose by 25 during the
third quarter (as compared to a loss of 58 customers in Q3 2009), in line with 
the budget, due to seasonal variations, particularly during the summer months.

                        Sept-10   June-10   March-10	Dec-09	 Sept-09
                                         Paris area

Number of customers      4,660    4,802      4,685      4,580     4,549
ARPU in Euros              526      493        487        481       481


Number of customers      8,356    8,771      8,500      8,168     8,010
ARPU in Euros              344      341        328        320       319


Number of customers     13,016   13,573     13,185     12,748    12,559
ARPU in Euros              409      395        385        378       378

At the end of September 2010, market penetration stood at 67% nationally, as
against 61% at the end of  2009. It reached 84% in the Paris area, as against
80% at the end of 2009 and 61% in the regions, compared with 55% at the end of
2009. These figures confirm the Group's growth potential in the Paris area,
although market penetration is already high, as well as in the regions, where
the market is reacting positively to the Group's offers.

- A 9.2% increase in online advertising and partnerships: growth over the third
quarter was limited to 3.2% due to an unfavourable comparable basis (there was 
a 37.7% increase in Q3 2009). The very good perception that advertisers have 
of the Group's sites means conditions are favourable for increased investment 
in the emerging mobile internet market, which it should be possible to 
monetise in 2011.

- Growth of 25.9% in agency website design and listing: growth in revenues from
this activity continues to accelerate (+30.1% in the third quarter). The 
creation of agency-specific sites meets customers' need to raise their local
profile and mark themselves out in a recovering real estate market. The way in
which our site design and listing services complement each other is proving to
be very effective commercially.

- Growth of 1.8% in Périclès real estate software: the resurgence in activity
was confirmed with 4.5% growth in third quarter. Business is benefiting from 
two positive effects: the new features offered by the Périclès software are 
helping to attract new customers, while the number of agency closures is 
decreasing considerably.

Outlook for 2010

At the end of the third quarter, the Group is in a position to refine the
objectives already set for the year: revenues should end up somewhere in the
middle of the initial estimate of EUR81 m to EUR84 m, while EBITDA* from 
ordinary activities shoudl objective of EUR42 m to EUR44 m. approach the 
upper end of the annual

Roland Tripard, CEO of, concludes: "The results expected for 2010,
which are close to the upper end of the objectives we announced to the market,
are consistent with our strategic vision: continuing development in the regions
and in the Paris area, offering more value-added services to increase the value
of the average basket, making our sites more attractive by offering internet
users an unparalleled view of the real estate market and increasing traffic on
all of our portals.
These performances are the result of the hard work of the Group's teams and I
would like to thank all our staff for their valuable contribution."

                                 Coming event

- 2010 Fourth quarter results:	       25 January 2011 (after market closing)

* : EBITDA: Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation, post

                     2010 consolidated sales by quarter

    Revenues (EUR'000)                Q3-2010     Q3-2009    Change
Classified ads                        16,648      14,320      +16,3%
- Paris area                           7,556       6,716      +12,5%
- Regions                              9,092       7,604      +19,6%
Online advertising and partnerships    1,054       1,021       +3,2%
Direct services to internet users        446         397      +12,2%
Total classified ads and media        15,738      +15,3%     18, 147

Services: agency
website design and listing %           1,707       1,312      +30,1%

Real estate software Périclès          1,568       1,501       +4,5%
TOTAL revenues                        21,423      18,551      +15,5%

Q2-2010	      Q1-10	Q2-2009	     Q1-09
15,821       14,911      14,034     13,584
 7,199        7,003       6,760      6,520
 8,622        7,908       7,274      7,064
   978          861         878        751
   314	        328	    331	       293

17,113	     16,100	 15,243	    14,628

 1,611	      1,533	  1,280	     1,260
 1,533	      1,548	  1,517	     1,548
20,257	     19,181	 18,039	    17,436

About has been the specialist leader of on-line real estate in France for
the past 18 years. Its websites are available on any screen (computer, mobile
phone and connected TV) and every day millions of French Internet users view 
the 1.1 million plus property ads posted by estate professionals at any time, 
from wherever they may be.

Be it a purchase or rental, resale or property development, in France or abroad,
a business location or a demeure de charme, everyone can satisfy their property
project through one of the Group's 7 websites:

The Group also provides real estate professionals the broadest visibility of
their ads with an audience of 3 million unique visitors and close to 15 minutes
viewing per visitor via its different websites.

It is also the number-one supplier of Internet websites for real estate 
agencies and software transaction design for professionals with Périclès 
(Source: Mediamétrie // Nielsen Netratings). has been listed on Euronext Paris (compartment B) since 30 November
2006 and is part of the following indexes: SBF 250, CAC MID 100, CAT IT and
Euronext 100.
ISIN code: FR0010294595.

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