Webb Capital Plc

Appointment as Investment Adviser

22 May 2012

                               WEBB CAPITAL PLC                                

                       ("WEBB CAPITAL" or "THE COMPANY")                       

                     Appointment as Investment Adviser to                      

      SF Smaller Companies Growth Fund and SF Smaller Companies Gold Fund      

The Board of Webb Capital Plc is pleased to announce the appointment of Webb
Capital Asset Management Ltd ("WCAM") as investment adviser to the above funds
with immediate effect.

Peter Webb, CEO of Webb Capital Plc commented:

"This is a significant step in the development of Webb Capital's Fund
Management activities and provides a solid foundation for our future expansion.
I am very much looking forward to building on the legacy of the past management
of T1ps Investment Management and believe that the funds offer investors
potentially great opportunity for the future".

The Board of Directors take responsibility for the content of this

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