Woodspeen Training Group Plc

Grant of Options

                                                                6 February 2013


                         Woodspeen Training Group plc                          

                        ("Woodspeen" or the "Company")                         

                               Grant of Options                                

Woodspeen Training Group plc  announces that  on 5 February  2013  the  Company
granted  Mr Saieem Hussain (the Company's Chief Executive Officer)  and Ms Lynn
Chandler (the Company's Finance Director) options over  respectively  1,500,000
and 750,000 ordinary shares of 1 pence each in the Company. These  options  are
classified as Approved Options, have an exercise price of 6 pence per share and
are exercisable between the third and tenth anniversary  of  grant  subject  to
achievement  of  the  vesting  conditions  (both  market  and  non-market)  and
continued employment with the Company.

Following the above grant of options, Mr Hussain holds  Approved  Options  over
3,300,000 ordinary  shares  and  Unapproved  Options  over  1,200,000  ordinary
shares; and Ms Chandler holds Approved Options over 750,000 ordinary shares.

The options have been granted under the Woodspeen Training Group plc Enterprise
Management Incentive Scheme.

The Directors of Woodspeen are responsible for this announcement.

Enquiries to:

Woodspeen Training Group plc
Si Hussain 0786 283 7437
Lynn Chandler 07932 753 799

Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited
Oliver Cooke and Duncan Vasey 020 7220 9796