Merrill Lynch & Co

Early Repurchase(s)

Early Repurchase(s)

Deutsche Bank AG

Please note that the Issuer has repurchased and cancelled the following Issue.

SL.NO   Value Date   ISIN   Issuer Name   CCY   CAEV Amount   New Outstanding   Next Coupon Date
1 20-Nov-2013 FR0010602367 MERRILL LYNCH & COMPANY INC EUR 241,200.00 1,037,000.00 15-Jul-2016


20-Nov-2013 FR0010478685 MERRILL LYNCH & COMPANY INC EUR 462,400.00 1,059,900.00 20-Aug-2015
3 14-Nov-2013 XS0262384471 Merrill Lynch and Co.,Inc EUR 110,000.00 5,870,000.00 05-Oct-2014