Rightmove PLC

Transaction in Own Shares

                                                               20 November 2014

                                Rightmove plc

                           Share buy-back programme                            

                   Rightmove plc - Transaction in own shares                   

Rightmove plc ("Rightmove"), the UK's no. 1 property website, announces that
today, it purchased 20,000 of its 1p ordinary shares at a volume weighted
average price paid per share of 2291.36p. The highest price paid per share was
2305.00p and the lowest price paid per share was 2269.00p. Rightmove purchased
these shares through Numis Securities Limited.

The number of shares purchased represented 0.0204% of the voting rights
attributable to the total ordinary shares in issue prior to such purchase. The
purchased shares will be cancelled.

Rightmove has purchased to date 31,427,091 of its own shares since announcing a
share buy-back programme on 28 December 2007.

The total number of ordinary shares in issue (excluding treasury shares)
following this announcement is 97,972,887. Rightmove holds 2,505,430 shares in


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