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Enento Group’s Interim Report 1.1. – 30.9.2020: Strong service development and good profitability in a challenging business environment

Enento Group’s Interim Report 1.1. – 30.9.2020: Strong service development and good profitability in a challenging business environment


Enento Group’s Interim Report 1.1. – 30.9.2020: Strong service development and good profitability in a challenging business environment


July – September 2020 in brief

January – September 2020 in brief

1 The comparable earnings per share does not contain amortisation from fair value adjustments related to acquisitions or their tax impact.


EUR million 1.7. –
1.1. – 30.9. 2020 1.1. – 30.9.2019 1.1.
Net sales 36,7 36,7 111,1 106,8 146,0
Net sales growth, % 0,1 16,8 4,1 71,6 48,7
Operating profit (EBIT) 9,2 8,3 21,7 20,0 27,8
EBIT margin, % 25,1 22,7 19,6 18,8 19,0
Adjusted EBITDA 14,8 14,0 39,7 37,9 51,5
Adjusted EBITDA margin, % 40,3 38,1 35,7 35,5 35,3
Adjusted operating profit (EBIT) 12,4 12,0 33,0 31,0 42,6
Adjusted EBIT margin, % 33,7 32,8 29,7 29,1 29,2
New products and services of net sales, % 6,3 3,4 5,2 3,9 4,0
Free cash flow 11,0 12,5 23,5 25,2 32,1
Net debt to adjusted EBITDA, x 2,4  

2,7 3,0 2,9


Net sales: Enento Group expects net sales to grow in full year 2020, the growth rate however remaining below the long-term target range of 5–10 %.

EBITDA: Enento Group expects its adjusted EBITDA margin in full year 2020 to remain at the previous year’s level.

Capital expenditure: Enento Group expects its capitalised product development and software expenses in 2020 to be at the previous year’s level.

The outlook is based on the assumption that exchange rates remain at the current level.


Our business environment remains challenging in spite of the signals indicating a market recovery. The third quarter of the financial year 2020 was a quarter of low growth for Enento Group. Consolidated net sales amounted to EUR 36,7 million, representing a year-on-year increase of 0,1 % (at comparable exchange rates -1,0 %). Adjusted EBITDA increased by 5,7 % (at comparable exchange rates 4,4 %) and amounted to EUR 14,8 million. The Group’s adjusted operating profit excluding items affecting comparability grew by 2,8 % (at comparable exchange rates 1,4 %) and amounted to EUR 12,4 million. The Group’s net sales were supported in both markets by newly launched services. Their share of net sales continues to grow, amounting to 6,3 % of in the third quarter.

The development of net sales was accelerated particularly by the strong growth of the Digital Processes business area’s real estate information services in both markets. In the SME & Consumers business area, growth was achieved in services sold directly to consumers, especially in the Swedish market. The net sales of the Customer Data Management business area increased moderately in both markets. The net sales of the Risk Decisions business area continued to decrease in both markets as the decline in economic activity reduced the use of our services. The temporary 10 per cent interest rate ceiling on consumer credit introduced due to the coronavirus crisis continues to have a negative impact on the demand for our services in the Finnish market.

We are making progress in line with our targets with regard to the launch of new services during the financial year, and we are on track for growth. For the comparison period last year the share of net sales represented by new services was 3,4%, for the full last fiscal year it was 4,4 %, and now it is 6,3 %. Our range of beneficial owner services grew in the Swedish market thanks to the launch of a monitoring service by which we help our clients update their customer information with beneficial owner information. In the Finnish market, we launched the Customer Pro target group tool. The tool offers more than 2,1 million items of up-to-date consumer contact details to help reach potential customers via digital marketing channels or telemarketing. The Corporate Responsibility Report service, which is the first tool on the market to shed light on the background of unlisted companies, is now also available in the business information online store in Finland.

For more than two years now, Enento has implemented the Nordic CX programme, which is aimed at maintaining and improving the customer experience and customer loyalty. We also measure our Net Promoter Score (NPS) on a daily basis to monitor our customers’ perceptions of customer encounters with our sales and customer service functions. In the second and third quarters, we were unable to meet with our customers in the usual manner due to the coronavirus situation. In spite of that, our NPS score for customer encounters was very high at 70.

Understanding the customer experience is the key to success in service development. It is also a strategic priority for us. In addition to regular customer panels, we actively interview our customers to assess their needs, validate service development initiatives and pilot new services with small customer groups. Naturally, we also use our own services to gain deeper customer insight, starting from the basic information and financial data of companies and user profile specifications using the Business Filter Pro tool. We also help our customers find the right services to suit their needs using various service packages, for example. For us, the customer always comes first.


Enento Group will hold a webcast for analysts, investors and media in English on Friday, 6 November 2020 at 2.00 p.m. EET where CEO Jukka Ruuska and CFO Elina Stråhlman will present the performance and events of the third quarter 2020.

You can follow the English webcast and conference call at:

To participate in the conference call, please dial in using one of the numbers below
Finland: +358 (0)9 7479 0360
Sweden: +46 (0)8 5033 6573
United Kingdom: +44 (0)330 336 9104
United States, LA: +1 323-794-2095
The conference ID code: 436813

The presentation material will be available on the company’s investor website at 12.30 a.m. EET and a recording of the webcast later during the day.

Helsinki, 6 November 2020

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