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Notice of AGM and Shareholder Presentations

Notice of AGM and Shareholder Presentations

Copies of the Annual Report and Accounts of the Company in respect of the financial period ended 28 February 2021 and the Notice of Annual General Meeting to be held on 25 August 2021, and Shareholder presentation meetings to be held on 28 July 2021 and 12 August 2021 have been posted to shareholders. Copies of the Annual Report and Proxy Forms are available on the www.oxfordtechnologyvcts.com website and the text of the accompanying letter sent out is copied below.  Please sign up for the meetings at https://forms.gle/oTHUsj7dquSwpCug7

Dear Shareholder

I am pleased to announce that the Annual Accounts for the year ended 28 February 2021 are now available for download from www.oxfordtechnologyvct.com/vct2.html.

The Company’s net asset value per share decreased by 3.0p per share from 27.8p at 29 February 2020 to 24.8p per share as at 28 February 2021.  Compared to 29 February 2020, operating costs reduced the NAV per share by 1.2p during the period, with a further loss of 1.8p per share due to movements in the portfolio: reductions in the valuations of Select Technology  and ImmBio only partially being offset by an increase in the value of Scancell.

As at the quarter end at 31 May 2021 the unaudited net asset value per share had increased to 27.2p.  This incorporates the IPO share price of Arecor which floated on AIM on 3 June.  The Directors have also reviewed the carrying values of the unquoted investments and these remain largely unchanged from their values at 28 February 2021.

After hosting last year’s AGM via electronic means, we had hoped to return to full normality for this year’s event, while also recognising the convenience of enabling virtual participation. 

Having not had the chance to meet shareholders for over two years, we are therefore planning the following shareholder interactions to maximise the opportunity for shareholder involvement during the holiday period:

We will also put any of the investee company video presentations on the website.

We hope shareholders will appreciate the flexibility being offered.

May we also take this opportunity to remind shareholders that it is legal requirement to declare if you are resident for tax purposes outside of the UK according to the Common Reporting Standards.  If this does apply to you please contact us or the Registrars directly for the relevant links to self certification.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Roth