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Final Redemption Prices - Tabula Eur IG Perf Credit


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This circular (the "Circular") has not been reviewed by the Central Bank of Ireland (the "Central Bank") and it is possible that changes thereto may be necessary to meet the Central Bank's requirements. The Directors accept responsibility for the information contained in this Circular.

This Circular is important and requires your immediate attention. If you are in doubt as to the action you should take you should seek advice from your stockbroker, bank manager, solicitor, accountant or other independent financial adviser. If you have sold or transferred all of your shares in the Fund referred to below, please pass this Circular at once to the purchaser or transferee or to the stockbroker, bank or other agent through whom the sale or transfer was effected for transmission to the purchaser or transferee as soon as possible.

Dear Shareholder,

We refer to EUR Accumulation and EUR Distribution Shares of Tabula European IG Performance Credit UCITS ETF with ISIN number IE00BG0J8M66 & IE00BG0J8L59 (the “Shares”).

Further to our Circular dated 22/02/2022 concerning the closure of these share classes on 14/03/2022, we write to inform you that the payment date will be 25/03/22, with a final Net Asset Value per share of €107.24072447 & €99.48766921.

Yours sincerely,


For and on behalf of
Tabula ICAV