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Tuesday 15 July, 2003

Time Source
6:31 pm MKW   PIMS Wire End of Day Message
6:30 pm BUS   Business Wire End of Day Message
6:30 pm CIS   Waymaker End of Day Message
6:15 pm BUS   Lilly (Eli) & Co News Release from the University of Chicago: Drug
6:00 pm RNS Factsheet Coffeeheaven Intl (COH) Holding(s) in Company
06:00 pm
5:55 pm BUS Factsheet Amvescap PLC (IVZ) Director Shareholding
5:53 pm RNS Factsheet Holmes Place PLC (HOL) Holding(s) in Company
5:48 pm BUS Factsheet Amvescap PLC (IVZ) Director Shareholding
5:48 pm RNS   Commercial Prop Inc. Dividend Declaration
5:45 pm RNS   Endeavour Fund II Issue of Series of Shares
5:42 pm RNS   Endeavour Fund III Issue of Series of Shares
5:40 pm RNS Factsheet Atkins (WS) (ATK) Director Shareholding
5:21 pm RNS   Aurora Offshore FdII Issue of Series of Shares
5:19 pm RNS Factsheet Titon Holdings PLC (TON) Director Shareholding
5:17 pm RNS Factsheet Elementis PLC (ELM) Notice of Results
5:12 pm RNS   Irish Life Intl. Glb Directorate
5:09 pm RNS Factsheet Boots Group PLC (AB.) Purchase of Own Securities
5:08 pm RNS Factsheet Finsbury Life Sc PLC (BIOG) Holding(s) in Company-Rplcmnt
5:08 pm CIS Factsheet Martin Currie Prtflo (MNP) Purchase of Own Securities
5:06 pm RNS Factsheet ReGen Therapeutics (ADI) Result of Equity Issue
5:06 pm RNS Factsheet DRS Data & Research (DRS) Holding(s) in Company
5:06 pm RNS Factsheet Safestore PLC (33KB) Holding(s) in Company
5:03 pm RNS Factsheet Honours PLC (BM19) Re: Letter of Intent
5:03 pm RNS Factsheet Vardy(Reg) PLC (VDY) Holding(s) in Company
05:00 pm
4:59 pm RNS Factsheet Dunlop Plantations (75GR) Directorate Change
4:58 pm RNS Factsheet Cobra Bio-Manufact. (CBF) Holding(s) in Company
4:55 pm PRN Factsheet HARMONY GOLD MINING (HRM) Acquisition(s)
4:55 pm RNS   Laxey Partners Ltd SAR - Jubilee Inv Tst Plc
4:53 pm RNS Factsheet Collins Stewart Tull (CSTL) Directorate Change
4:53 pm PRN Factsheet Investec Hgh Inc Tst (INH) Dividend Declaration
4:52 pm RNS Factsheet Anglo American PLC (AAL) Disposal
4:45 pm RNS Factsheet Primary Health Props (PHP) Director Shareholding
4:44 pm RNS Factsheet Primary Health Props (PHP) Director Shareholding
4:44 pm RNS   Irish Stock Exchange Official List Notice
4:42 pm RNS Factsheet Taylor Woodrow PLC (TW.) Blocklisting Interim Review
4:41 pm RNS Factsheet Taylor Woodrow PLC (TW.) Blocklisting Interim Review
4:40 pm PRN Factsheet EMI Group PLC (EMI) Director Shareholding
4:40 pm PRN Factsheet Fidelity Special Val (FSV) Issue of Equity
4:38 pm RNS Factsheet Charter Pan-European (CPE) Purchase of Own Securities
4:32 pm RNS Factsheet Barr(A.G.) PLC (BAG) Director Shareholding
4:31 pm RNS Factsheet Blue Chip Value Inc (BCV) Final Results
4:29 pm RNS   Und.val Assets-Ser.1 Re: Intention to Delist
4:29 pm RNS Factsheet Bank Pekao SA (BPKD) EGM Statement
4:24 pm RNS   Und.val Assets-Ser.1 Circular to Shareholders
4:24 pm RNS Factsheet Allied Domecq PLC (ALLD) Employee Trust
4:22 pm RNS Factsheet Close Fins Eurotech (CFB) Director Shareholding
4:22 pm RNS Factsheet ITE Group PLC (HYVE) Director Shareholding
4:14 pm RNS Factsheet Bulmer(H.P)Hldgs PLC (BULM) Holding(s) in Company
4:13 pm RNS Factsheet Cattles PLC (CTT) Holding(s) in Company
4:12 pm RNS Factsheet BP PLC (BP.) Director Shareholding
4:12 pm RNS Factsheet Schroders PLC (SDR) SAR - Carillion PLC
4:09 pm BUS Factsheet Amlin plc (AML) Share Capital Update
4:08 pm RNS Factsheet Bank Hapoalim B.M. (BKHD) Immediate Report
4:04 pm RNS   Coolum Fund Limited Interim Report
4:00 pm PRN Factsheet Rolls-Royce Grp Plc (RR.) Director Shareholding
04:00 pm
3:59 pm BUS Factsheet Amlin Plc (AML) Director Shareholding
3:55 pm RNS Factsheet Henderson Eurotrust (HNE) Director Shareholding
3:53 pm RNS   Renlin Limited Offer Closed
3:52 pm RNS Factsheet Scottish Power PLC (SPW) Director Shareholding
3:51 pm RNS Factsheet Greggs PLC (GRG) Holding(s) in Company

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