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Tuesday 19 August, 2003

Time Source
6:35 pm GNW     Hugin ASA End of Day Message
6:31 pm RNS     RNS Final Announcement Released
6:31 pm MKW     PIMS Wire End of Day Message
6:30 pm BUS     Business Wire End of Day Message
6:30 pm CIS     Waymaker End of Day Message
6:29 pm PRN     PR Newswire End of Day
6:29 pm PRN     PR Newswire Service Test Notice
6:13 pm RNS Report Factsheet Sportingbet PLC (SBT) Holding(s) in Company
6:12 pm BUS   Factsheet Talisman Energy Inc. (AN26) Talisman Generates a Record $1.45 Billion in Cash
6:04 pm RNS   Factsheet Zhejiang Expressway (ZHEH) Interim Results
06:00 pm
5:42 pm RNS     Irish Stock Exchange Official List Notice
5:36 pm RNS     Irish Stock Exchange Official List Notice
5:34 pm PRN Report Factsheet Private Equity Inv (PEQ) Holding(s) in Company
5:33 pm RNS     Royal Ldn AssMan liq Interim Report
5:27 pm RNS   Factsheet Jacques Vert PLC (JQV) Director Shareholding
5:23 pm RNS   Factsheet Boots Group PLC (AB.) Purchase of Own Securities
5:21 pm RNS     Irish Stock Exchange Official List Notice
5:18 pm RNS     Census Investments21 Dividend Announcement
5:17 pm RNS   Factsheet MobileFuture PLC (BLL) Holding(s) in Company
5:12 pm PRN Report Factsheet Fidelity Special Val (FSV) Issue of Equity
5:12 pm RNS     Faraday Investmts 3 Dividend Announcements
5:12 pm RNS Report Factsheet International Power (IPR) Holding(s) in Company
5:10 pm RNS     Faraday Investments9 Dividend Announcement
5:08 pm RNS Report Factsheet Utilico Invest Trust (UIL) Director Shareholding
5:07 pm RNS     Quaich Investments 5 Dividend Announcement
5:06 pm RNS Report Factsheet British Am. Tobacco (BATS) Purchase of Own Securities
5:06 pm PRN   Factsheet BAA PLC (BAA) Director Shareholding
5:01 pm RNS Report Factsheet Alliance & Leicester (AL.) Doc re. Pricing supplement
05:00 pm
4:59 pm RNS Report Factsheet Enodis PLC (0JNT) Director Shareholding
4:57 pm RNS Report Factsheet Trace Group PLC (TCC) Response to Tender Offer
4:57 pm RNS     Census Investments28 Re: Dividend Announcement
4:56 pm RNS   Factsheet Five Finance Corp. (61PL) Doc re. Pricing Supplement
4:55 pm CIS   Factsheet Martin Currie Eur. (MCE) Purchase of Own Securities
4:54 pm RNS     Quaich Investments 5 Re: Dividend Announcements
4:53 pm RNS   Factsheet Abbey National Treas (84LC) Doc re. Pricing Supplement
4:52 pm RNS   Factsheet Smith (DS) PLC (SMDS) Holding(s) in Company
4:51 pm RNS   Factsheet Lookers PLC (LOOK) Acquisition
4:51 pm RNS Report Factsheet Carpetright PLC (CPR) Purchase of Own Securities
4:51 pm RNS     Value Catalyst Fund Re: Net Asset Value
4:46 pm CIS Report Factsheet Edinburgh Small Co's (SLS) Holding(s) in Company
4:45 pm RNS Report Factsheet State Bank Of India (SBID) Change of Registrars, etc
4:43 pm RNS   Factsheet Latham(James) PLC (LTHM) Director Shareholding
4:43 pm RNS   Factsheet Bank of Nova Scotia (BNV) Doc re Pricing supplement
4:38 pm RNS   Factsheet Abbey National Treas (84LC) Doc re. Pricing Supplement
4:33 pm RNS   Factsheet Pen.&Orientl Steam (PO.) Holding(s) in Company
4:33 pm RNS   Factsheet Mountview Estates. (MTVW) Director Shareholding
4:26 pm PRN Report Factsheet Premier Farnell PLC (PFL) Holding(s) in Company
4:23 pm RNS     SPARC EM Ld Re: ISIN Code
4:23 pm RNS   Factsheet Manpower Soft. PLC (ALL) Holding(s) in Company
4:20 pm RNS Report Factsheet Rathbone Brothers (RAT) Holding(s) in Company
4:14 pm RNS Report Factsheet Ivory & Sime UK Smlr (MTE) Holding(s) in Company
4:13 pm RNS   Factsheet Oresundsbro Konsort (37OK) Doc re. Pricing Supplement
4:12 pm BUS   Factsheet Engelhard Corp (EGH) Official List Notice
4:09 pm PRN   Factsheet Exeter Selective Ass (EXT) Holding(s) in Company
4:06 pm RNS   Factsheet St. George Bank Ld. (BR04) Doc re. Pricing Supplement
4:00 pm RNS     Barclays Gbl Inv Div Re: Annual Report
4:00 pm RNS   Factsheet Primary Health Props (PHP) Holding(s) in Company
04:00 pm
3:59 pm RNS Report Factsheet Cosalt PLC (CSLT) Holding(s) in Company
3:58 pm RNS     Barclays Gbl Inv Alt Re: Annual Report
3:57 pm RNS Report Factsheet NorthumbrianWaterGrp (NWG) Director Shareholding

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