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Monday 29 September, 2003

Time Source
6:51 pm PRN   PR Newswire End of Day
6:47 pm PRN Factsheet Weiss Asset Management LLC (BA42) Correction : SAR - Govett High Income Trust
6:35 pm RNS   RNS Final Announcement Released
6:35 pm GNW   Hugin ASA End of Day Message
6:31 pm BUS   Business Wire End of Day Message
6:31 pm MKW   PIMS Wire End of Day Message
6:30 pm CIS   Waymaker End of Day Message
6:29 pm PRN   PR Newswire Service Test Notice
6:28 pm RNS Factsheet Radstone Technology (RST) Director Shareholding
6:26 pm BUS Factsheet Fortune Brands Inc (FBI) Directorate Change
6:21 pm BUS Factsheet Debenhams PLC (DEB) Posting of Scheme Document
6:15 pm RNS Factsheet Asite PLC (ASE) Grant of Share Options
6:12 pm PRN Factsheet EMI Group PLC (EMI) Statement re EMI announces pricing of senior notes
6:09 pm RNS Factsheet Compass Group PLC (CPG) Purchase of Own Securities
6:09 pm RNS Factsheet Alba Plc (HAR) Blocklisting Interim Review
6:06 pm RNS Factsheet Global NaturalEnergy (GNE) Holding(s) in Company
6:04 pm RNS Factsheet Pen.&Orientl Steam (PO.) Director Shareholding
6:02 pm RNS Factsheet HSBC Global Abs (HSGP) Purchase of Own Securities
6:02 pm RNS Factsheet Ovoca Resources PLC (OVB) Re: Midland Exploration Corp
6:02 pm RNS Factsheet British Land Co PLC (BLND) Share buyback
6:01 pm RNS Factsheet Alliance UniChem (AUN) Director Shareholding
06:00 pm
5:57 pm RNS Factsheet HSBC European AB (HENA) Purchase of Own Securities
5:55 pm RNS Factsheet Helical Bar PLC (HLCL) Purchase of Own Securities
5:52 pm RNS Factsheet Motion Media PLC (SCO) Holding(s) in Company
5:51 pm RNS   Stoneycroft Limited Offer Update
5:49 pm CIS Factsheet Martin Currie Prtflo (MNP) Interim Results
5:49 pm RNS Factsheet Xaar PLC (XAR) Holding(s) in Company
5:45 pm RNS Factsheet Stirling Group PLC (STRG) Holding(s) in Company
5:41 pm RNS Factsheet MyTravel Group plc (MT.) Statement re Terms of Finance
5:33 pm RNS Factsheet Unilever PLC (ULVR) Holding(s) in Company
5:30 pm RNS Factsheet GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK) Director Shareholding
5:30 pm RNS Factsheet Rok prop solutions (ROK) Blocklisting Interim Review
5:24 pm RNS   Baring Cap. Umbrella Re: Representative
5:21 pm RNS   Baring Korea Feed Fd Re: Representative
5:21 pm RNS Factsheet Bradstock Group PLC (BDK) Appointment of liquidators
5:19 pm RNS   Baring Global Umbrel Re: Representative etc
5:16 pm RNS Factsheet Charter PLC (CHTR) Holding(s) in Company
5:16 pm RNS   Baring Emer Mkts Umb Re: Representative etc
5:14 pm RNS   Baring Currency Umb Re: Representative
5:12 pm RNS   Baring Intl.Umbrella Re: Representative etc
5:11 pm PRN Factsheet Diageo (DGE) Purchase of Own Securities
5:11 pm RNS Factsheet Atkins (WS) (ATK) Director Shareholding
5:09 pm RNS   Deutsche GlobalSpect Re: Termination of sub-funds
5:08 pm GNW Factsheet Bookham Technology Plc (BHM) Holding(s) in Company
5:05 pm RNS Factsheet Spirax-Sarco Engng (SPX) Director Shareholding
5:04 pm RNS   Framlington Maghreb Re: Cancellation
5:00 pm RNS Factsheet ServicePower Tech. (SVR) Additional Listing
05:00 pm
4:59 pm PRN Factsheet EMI Group PLC (EMI) Holding in Company
4:59 pm RNS Factsheet Boots Group PLC (AB.) Purchase of Own Securities
4:56 pm RNS Factsheet IAWS Group PLC (IAW) Re: Appointment
4:55 pm RNS Factsheet British Vita PLC (BVIT) Purchase of Own Securities
4:54 pm RNS Factsheet GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK) Purchase of Own Securities
4:53 pm RNS Factsheet Barclays PLC (BARC) Directors' Interests
4:53 pm RNS Factsheet Tesco PLC (TSCO) Holding(s) in Company
4:47 pm RNS Factsheet Winchester Entertmnt (CMCP) Annual Report and Accounts
4:47 pm RNS Factsheet British Am. Tobacco (BATS) Purchase of Own Securities
4:46 pm RNS   Biam Investments Re: Directorate
4:45 pm RNS Factsheet National GridTransco (NG.) Director Shareholding
4:43 pm RNS Factsheet Xansa PLC (XAN) Director Shareholding
4:43 pm RNS   Mellon Glob. Alt Inv Re: Appointment of Director

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