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Thursday 23 September, 2004

Time Source
11:30 pm MKW   News Release Express End of Day Message
11:00 pm
6:31 pm RNS   RNS Final Announcement Released
6:17 pm RNS Factsheet Coral Products PLC (CRU) AGM Statement
6:14 pm RNS Factsheet F&C Pacific Inv Tst (BGCG) Transaction in Own Shares
6:08 pm PRN Factsheet Fidelity AsianValues (FAS) Final Results
6:07 pm PRN Factsheet Lon.Merchant Secs. (LMSO) Holding(s) in Company
6:04 pm RNS Factsheet ARM Holdings PLC (ARM) Holding(s) in Company
6:03 pm RNS   AIM Schedule 1 - Mercator Gold
6:01 pm RNS Factsheet Alltracel Pharm Plc (AP.) Holding(s) in Company
06:00 pm
5:42 pm RNS Factsheet Arlington Group PLC (~238) Director Shareholding
5:36 pm RNS Factsheet Spice Holdings PLC (SPI) Director Shareholding
5:34 pm RNS Factsheet Deutsche Lat Amer Co (ANII) Fact Sheet
5:33 pm PRN Factsheet EP Global Opportunities Trust (EPG) Holding(s) in Company
5:32 pm RNS Factsheet Graphite Enterprise (GPE) Transaction in Own Shares
5:32 pm RNS Factsheet Deutsche Equity Inc (SLET) Fact Sheet
5:31 pm RNS   AIM Sch 1 Update- Euro. Minerals
5:27 pm RNS Factsheet Collins Stewart Tull (CSTL) Holding(s) in Company
5:27 pm RNS Factsheet Anglo & Overseas Tst (AOT) Fact Sheet
5:26 pm RNS Factsheet British Energy PLC (BGY) Suspension of NYSE Listing
5:23 pm PRN Factsheet Eaglet Invst Trust (DDIT) Directorate Change
5:19 pm PRN Factsheet Misys (MSY) Transaction in Own Shares
5:18 pm RNS Factsheet 2 Travel Group PLC (TLG) Directorate Change
5:18 pm RNS Factsheet Boots Group PLC (AB.) Transaction in Own Shares
5:18 pm RNS Factsheet iimia Investment Grp (MGR) Offer Update
5:16 pm PRN Factsheet Framlington Inn.Gwth (FIT) Transaction in Own Shares
5:16 pm RNS Factsheet Ideal Shopping Drct (IDS) Directorate Change
5:15 pm PRN Factsheet Framlington Income (FRNC) Director Shareholding
5:14 pm RNS Factsheet Aukett Group PLC (AUK) Directorate Change
5:14 pm RNS Factsheet GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK) Transaction in Own Shares
5:01 pm RNS Factsheet Dixons Group PLC (DXNS) Transaction of own shares
05:00 pm
4:58 pm RNS Factsheet Diageo PLC (DGE) Purchase of Own Securities
4:57 pm RNS Factsheet Surfcontrol PLC (SRF) Share Buyback
4:55 pm RNS Factsheet Northern Venture Tst (NVT) Transaction in Own Shares
4:55 pm RNS Factsheet British Am. Tobacco (BATS) Purchase of Own Securities
4:54 pm RNS Factsheet JPMorgan Flem. Elect (JPE) Transaction in Own Shares
4:54 pm RNS   FTSE Ulster Television PLC
4:53 pm RNS Factsheet Qualceram Shires PLC (QLC) Share Purchase
4:53 pm RNS Factsheet Akers Biosciences (AKR) Re Agreement
4:50 pm RNS   Irish Stock Exchange Official List Notice
4:49 pm RNS   Morgan Stanley Secs Final Exchange Notice
4:49 pm RNS Factsheet Merrill Lynch & Co (MLY) Form 8-K
4:49 pm RNS   Hasenbichler Funds Re: Change of Name
4:48 pm RNS Factsheet Alliance & Leicester (AL.) Transaction in Own Shares
4:46 pm RNS   Irish Stock Exchange Official List Notice
4:46 pm RNS Factsheet TempletonEmerg.Mkt. (TEM) Transaction in Own Shares
4:44 pm RNS Factsheet Allied Domecq PLC (ALLD) Employee Trust
4:44 pm RNS Factsheet British PortfolioTst (BRIG) Transaction in Own Shares
4:43 pm RNS   Putnam New Flag Euro Re: Change of Admin. etc
4:42 pm RNS   AIM Sch 1 Update - Euro. Minerals
4:40 pm RNS   Lazard Global Active Re: Special Dividend Payment
4:39 pm PRN Factsheet Gartmore High Income (GHI) Holding(s) in Company
4:39 pm RNS Factsheet Aviva PLC (AV.) Director Shareholding
4:38 pm RNS Factsheet BPB PLC (BPB) Director Shareholding
4:35 pm RNS Factsheet Eurotunnel (ETL) Price Monitoring Extension
4:34 pm RNS Factsheet Claims People Grp (RIIG) Holding(s) in Company
4:30 pm RNS Factsheet First Debenture (50GU) Directorate Change
4:28 pm RNS Factsheet Witan Inv Tst PLC (WTAN) Director Shareholding
4:25 pm RNS Factsheet Baronsmead VCT 4 PLC (BNS) Issue of Equity-Replacement
4:25 pm RNS   Irish Stock Exchange Official List Notice
4:24 pm RNS Factsheet T&F Informa PLC (INF) Director Shareholding

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