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Tuesday 24 April, 2007

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8:08 pm CIS Report Factsheet TeliaSonera AB (0H6X) TeliaSonera's Annual General Meeting, April...
08:00 pm
6:36 pm RNS     RNS Final Announcement Released
6:36 pm RNS Report Factsheet HSBC Holdings PLC (HSBA) Holding(s) in Company
6:34 pm RNS   Factsheet Clipper Windpower (CWP) Additional Listing-Amendment
6:30 pm MKW     CCNMatthews End of Day Message
6:30 pm RNS   Factsheet Banco Comercial Port (05PE) Offer Update
6:27 pm BUS   Factsheet Keydata AIM VCT 2 (HHVT) Notification of Major Interests in Shares
6:26 pm RNS     JPMorgan (Syndicate) Stabilisation Notice
6:24 pm RNS Report Factsheet Lonrho Africa PLC (LONR) Holding in Company
6:24 pm RNS   Factsheet SciSys PLC (SSY) Annual Report and Accounts
6:18 pm RNS Report Factsheet Barclays PLC (BARC) Annual Information Update
6:18 pm RNS   Factsheet Barclays Bank PLC (30JW) Annual Information Update
6:15 pm RNS Report Factsheet Aggreko PLC (AGK) Holding(s) in Company
6:14 pm RNS   Factsheet Allied Irish Banks (ALBK) Treasury Stock
6:00 pm RNS Report Factsheet Energy XXI (Bermuda) (EXXS) Acquisition
6:00 pm RNS Report Factsheet Enterprise Inns PLC (EIG) Transaction in Own Shares
06:00 pm
5:52 pm RNS Report Factsheet Witan Pacific InvTst (WPC) Transaction in Own Shares
5:50 pm RNS Report Factsheet Brammer PLC (BRAM) Director/PDMR Shareholding
5:47 pm RNS   Factsheet Legal & General Grp (LGEN) Director/PDMR Shareholding
5:47 pm RNS Report Factsheet Compass Group PLC (CPG) Transaction in Own Shares
5:45 pm RNS Report Factsheet WPP Group PLC (WPP) Transaction in Own Shares
5:42 pm RNS   Factsheet Hanson PLC (HNS) Result of AGM
5:42 pm RNS   Factsheet Alliance Boots plc (AB.) Director/PDMR Shareholding
5:40 pm RNS     Perinvest Global Redesignation of Share Amend
5:38 pm RNS   Factsheet Polski Koncern Nft. (POKD) Convening OGM
5:36 pm RNS   Factsheet Evolution Group PLC (EVG) Holding(s) in Company
5:35 pm RNS Report Factsheet GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK) Director/PDMR Shareholding
5:35 pm RNS   Factsheet New Star RBC Hedge (HXE) Allotment of Shares
5:35 pm RNS   Factsheet Playgolf (Holdings) (PLG) Holding(s) in Company
5:34 pm RNS   Factsheet Toyota Motor Credit (32AU) Doc re. Form 8-K
5:31 pm RNS   Factsheet Kiln PLC (KIN) Interest in Shares
5:30 pm RNS   Factsheet Monterrico Metals (MNA) Holding(s) in Company
5:30 pm RNS   Factsheet Watford Leisure PLC (WFC) Appointment of Director
5:30 pm PRN Report Factsheet Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) Transaction in Own Shares
5:29 pm RNS Report Factsheet F&C U.S. Smaller (JUS) Transaction in Own Shares
5:29 pm RNS Report Factsheet Patsystems PLC (PTS) Director/PDMR Shareholding
5:28 pm RNS   Factsheet Sandvine Corporation (SAND) Directors Dealings
5:28 pm RNS Report Factsheet Diageo PLC (DGE) Transaction in Own Shares
5:27 pm RNS   Factsheet Aricom PLC (ORE) Holding(s) in Company
5:27 pm RNS Report Factsheet Greene King PLC (GNK) Transaction in Own Shares
5:27 pm RNS   Factsheet ETFS Commodity Sec (AGAP) Issue of securities
5:26 pm RNS Report Factsheet Reed Elsevier PLC (REL) Holding(s) in Company
5:25 pm RNS Report Factsheet F&C Global Smlr Cos (FCS) Transaction in Own Shares
5:22 pm RNS   Factsheet CDS Oil & Gas Group (CDS) Director/PDMR Shareholding
5:22 pm RNS Report Factsheet LondonStockExGroup (LSE) Transaction in Own Shares
5:21 pm RNS Report Factsheet JPMorgan Elect PLC (JPE) Transaction in Own Shares
5:21 pm BUS Report Factsheet Exxon MobilCorp (EXX) ExxonMobil Announces Drilling of World-Record Well
5:18 pm RNS Report Factsheet Foreign&Col Invest (FRCL) Transaction in Own Shares
5:17 pm RNS Report Factsheet Northbridge Ind Serv (NBI) Director/PDMR Shareholding
5:17 pm RNS   Factsheet French Connection (FCCN) Annual Information Update
5:16 pm CIS   Factsheet Aberforth Smaller Co (ASL) Holding(s) in Company
5:15 pm RNS   Factsheet Royal Bk Scot.Grp. (RBS) Dividend Declaration
5:14 pm RNS Report Factsheet Rio Tinto (RIO) Transaction in Own Shares
5:14 pm RNS   Factsheet Jourdan PLC (JDR) Director/PDMR Shareholding
5:13 pm RNS   Factsheet BRIT Ins Hldgs (BRE) Transaction in Own Shares
5:13 pm RNS   Factsheet Bradford&Bingley PLC (BB.) Result of AGM
5:12 pm RNS   Factsheet JPMorg Flem Merc IT (MRC) Transaction in Own Shares
5:11 pm RNS   Factsheet Prospect Japan Fund (PJF) Holding(s) in Company
5:10 pm RNS     FTSE FTSE UK Index -Reserve List
5:09 pm RNS Report Factsheet Corac Group Plc (TPG) AGM Statement

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