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Monday 17 May, 2010

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10:31 pm GNW   Homburg Invest Inc. Homburg Invest announces filing of final prospe...
10:08 pm GNW   Transocean Ltd. Transocean Ltd. Announces Retirement of Cheryl ...
10:00 pm
7:15 pm GNW Factsheet BOUSSARD AND GAVAUDAN HOLDING (BGHS) Interim Management Statement
7:10 pm GNW Factsheet BOUSSARD AND GAVAUDAN HOLDING (BGHL) Interim Management Statement
07:00 pm
6:46 pm PRN   Zumtobel Ag EANS-Adhoc: Zumtobel AG / Impairment charge to ...
6:45 pm RNS   RNS Final Announcement Released
6:44 pm RNS Factsheet Caisse Centrale (73WZ) 1st Quarter Results
6:30 pm MKW   Marketwire End of Day Message
6:26 pm PRN   K+s Aktiengesellschaft EANS-Voting Rights: K+S Aktiengesellschaft / Re...
6:03 pm RNS   Aeolus CDO Ltd Notice of Meetings
06:00 pm
5:54 pm RNS Factsheet Wolfson Microelectro (WLF) Notification of Interest
5:53 pm BUS Factsheet Richard Bishop (AKG) Form 8.3 - Astek Group plc
5:52 pm RNS Factsheet Cape PLC (CIU) Holding(s) in Company
5:46 pm RNS Factsheet Bank of Ireland(Gov) (BKIR) Call Option
5:44 pm RNS Factsheet Cryptologic Ltd (CRP) CryptoLogic Annual Shareholde
5:40 pm RNS Factsheet Qtel Int Finance Ltd (35CC) Qtel discloses date to pay in
5:40 pm RNS Factsheet Goldman Sachs Dyn (GSDO) Interim Management Statement
5:30 pm GNW Factsheet Paypoint plc (PAY) Notice of Results
5:29 pm RNS   Schroder EmerMrks Fd Net Asset Value
5:29 pm RNS Factsheet Barratt Developments (BDEV) Holding(s) in Company
5:27 pm RNS Factsheet Cadogan Petroleum (CAD) Interim Management Statement
5:27 pm RNS Factsheet Equest Balkan Prop (EBP) Debt restructuring
5:26 pm RNS   Schroder Inst. Dev. Net Asset Value
5:26 pm RNS Factsheet Ladbrokes plc (LCL) Director/PDMR Shareholding
5:26 pm PRN Factsheet Renaissance US Grwth (RUG) Holding(s) in Company
5:26 pm RNS Factsheet Dialight PLC (DIA) Director/PDMR Shareholding
5:26 pm RNS Factsheet Caledonia Inv PLC (CLDN) Transaction in Own Shares
5:25 pm RNS   Irish Stock Exchange MSM - Cancellation Notice
5:24 pm MKW Factsheet MKS (MKX) MKS To Announce Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2010 ...
5:24 pm RNS   Enhanced Index Funds Circular to Shareholders
5:23 pm RNS   Boyne Valley B.V. Changes Proposed
5:22 pm PRN Factsheet SVM UK Active Fund (SVU) Holding(s) in Company
5:22 pm RNS   Morgan StanleyIMCrtn Extension Notice - Notice and
5:20 pm RNS Factsheet JPMorgan Inc&Grwth (JIGI) AGM Statement
5:17 pm RNS   Epic (Industrious) Notice to Noteholders
5:16 pm RNS   Takeover Panel Disclosure Table
5:16 pm RNS   Irish Stock Exchange MSM - Cancellation Notice
5:15 pm RNS Factsheet Keller Group PLC (KLR) Result of AGM
5:14 pm RNS   ACP TriAlpha Alt St Change of Trust Name and Appt
5:13 pm RNS Factsheet BAE SYSTEMS PLC (BA.) Transaction in Own Shares
5:13 pm RNS Factsheet Phoenix IT Group PLC (PNX) Blocklisting Interim Review
5:11 pm RNS Factsheet Hamworthy plc (HMY) Holding(s) in Company
5:11 pm RNS   NB Diversified Arbit Delisting of Sub-fund
5:10 pm RNS   Irish Stock Exchange MSM - Cancellation Notice
5:09 pm RNS Factsheet EG Solutions plc (EGS) AGM venue change
5:09 pm RNS Factsheet F&C Global Smlr Cos (BGSC) Transaction in Own Shares
5:09 pm RNS Factsheet Home Retail Grp Plc (HOME) Transaction in Own Shares
5:08 pm RNS Factsheet Anglo Irish BankCpLd (31SV) Non-Cumulative Perpetual Pref
5:07 pm RNS   Richard Joyce Form 8.3 - WIN PLC
5:06 pm RNS Factsheet Phoenix IT Group PLC (PNX) Blocklisting Interim Review
5:05 pm RNS   ZAIS MatrixCDOIIIB Interim Management Statement
5:03 pm RNS Factsheet JPMorgan Indian Inv (JII) Conversion of Subscription Sh
5:03 pm RNS   Zais MatrixCDOIIIA Interim Management Statement
5:02 pm RNS   Irish Stock Exchange Main Securities Market Notice
5:02 pm RNS Factsheet Brunner Investment (BUT) Transaction in Own Shares
5:00 pm MKW Factsheet Orsu Metals (OSU) Interim Results for the Period Ended 31 March 2010
5:00 pm BUS Factsheet JSC Bank of Georgia (BGEO) 1st Quarter Results
05:00 pm
4:59 pm BUS Factsheet Doha Bank Q.S.C. (87BY) Partial Repurchase
4:57 pm RNS   FTSE Raymarine PLC
4:57 pm RNS Factsheet Edinburgh UK Tracker (~296) Transaction in Own Shares

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