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Thursday 28 April, 2011

Time Source
10:37 pm PRN     Morgan Stanley B.v. Morgan Stanley B.V Annual Accounts
10:06 pm PRN     Tetragon Financial Group Limit Tetragon Financial Group Limited (TFG) Hosts
10:05 pm PRN     Tetragon Financial Group Limit Tetragon Financial Group Limited: Dividend Anno...
10:00 pm
9:49 pm PRN     Tetragon Financial Group Limit Tetragon Financial Group Limited (TFG) Monthly
9:16 pm GNW   Factsheet Talvivaaran Kaivososakeyhtiö (0P6X) Resolutions of Talvivaara Mining Company Plc An...
09:00 pm
7:56 pm GNW   Factsheet Golar LNG (0HDY) GOLAR LNG - Announcement of filing of Form 20-F...
7:54 pm GNW     Golar LNG Energy Limited Golar LNG Energy - 2010 Annual Report
07:00 pm
6:34 pm GNW     Endomines AB Annual General Meeting of Endomines AB (publ) o...
6:31 pm RNS     RNS Final Announcement Released
6:31 pm RNS     ETFS Foreign Exch. ETFS Foreign Exchange Accounts to 31-12-10
6:30 pm RNS   Factsheet NR Nordic & Russia. (0KB2) NR Nordic & Russia Properties Annual Report 2010
6:30 pm MKW     Marketwire End of Day Message
6:29 pm RNS   Factsheet Polo Resources Ltd (POL) Director/PDMR Shareholding
6:28 pm GNW   Factsheet Prosperity Russia Domestic Fun (PRDF) Annual Financial Report
6:27 pm RNS   Factsheet Oil Securities Ltd (OILB) ETFS Oil Securities Accounts to 31-12-10
6:26 pm RNS   Factsheet Lloyd Electric & Eng (LLD) un-audited quarterly results for quarter March'11
6:25 pm RNS   Factsheet ETFS Metal Sec (PHPT) ETFS Metal Securities Accounts to 31-12-10
6:25 pm RNS     ANZ National Bank Ld Final Terms
6:24 pm RNS   Factsheet OMZ(Uralmash-Izhora) (OMZD) AGM Notice
6:22 pm RNS   Factsheet Sistema-Hals JSC (HALS) Annual Financial Report
6:21 pm RNS   Factsheet ETFS Commodity Sec (AGAP) ETFS Commodity Securities Accounts to 31-12-10
6:21 pm RNS Report Factsheet PuriCore Plc (RLM) Final Results
6:21 pm RNS Report Factsheet PuriCore Plc (RLM) Interim Management Statement
6:19 pm BUS   Factsheet Virgin Media Inc. (VMED) Director/PDMR Shareholding
6:18 pm RNS   Factsheet Gold Bullion Secs (GBS) Gold Bullion Securities Accounts to 31-12-10
6:15 pm RNS Report Factsheet AstraZeneca PLC (AZN) Filing of Annual Report on SEC
6:15 pm RNS Report Factsheet Heritage Oil PLC (HOIL) Annual Report and Accounts
6:15 pm RNS Report Factsheet Heritage Oil PLC (HOIL) Director/PDMR Shareholding
6:13 pm RNS Report Factsheet GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK) Director/PDMR Shareholding
6:11 pm PRN   Factsheet Lancashire Hld Ltd (LRE) Transfer of Treasury Shares and Total Voting Ri...
6:11 pm RNS Report Factsheet Cholet Investments (BOOM) Total Voting Rights
6:10 pm BUS   Factsheet JSFC Sistema (SSA) Annual Financial Report
6:09 pm RNS   Factsheet CRH America, Inc. (IRSH) Annual Report 31.12.2010
6:08 pm RNS Report Factsheet Cryptologic Ltd (CRP) Rule 2.10 Announcement
6:07 pm RNS   Factsheet Freshwater Finance (IRSH) Annual Report 31.12.2010
6:04 pm RNS   Factsheet JSC Uralkali (URKA) FSFM registers additional Uralkali shares
6:02 pm RNS   Factsheet OJSC Novolipetsk (NLMK) Annual Report and Accounts 2010
6:00 pm RNS Report Factsheet Berendsen PLC (BRSN) AGM Statement
6:00 pm BUS   Factsheet Sara Lee Corporation (SRL) Sara Lee Corp. to Webcast Third Quarter Fisca...
06:00 pm
5:57 pm RNS Report Factsheet AstraZeneca PLC (AZN) Result of Meeting
5:52 pm RNS Report Factsheet Bristol & West PLC (BWSA) Annual Report for period ended 31 Dec 2010
5:52 pm RNS Report Factsheet Schroder Inc Growth (SCF) Half Yearly Report
5:49 pm RNS   Factsheet Silenus (Euro Loan25 (IRSH) Notice
5:49 pm GNW     InvestmentPitch Quanto Independent Equity Research Initiates Co...
5:47 pm RNS Report Factsheet Management.Cons.Grp (MMC) Director/PDMR Share Transfer
5:47 pm RNS   Factsheet Grafton Resource Inv (IRSH) Change of Custodian & Administrator
5:47 pm PRN Report Factsheet Premier Farnell PLC (PFL) Directorate Change
5:46 pm RNS   Factsheet BATM Advanced Comm (BVC) Annual Financial Report
5:46 pm RNS   Factsheet Silenus (Euro Loan25 (IRSH) Notice
5:45 pm BUS   Factsheet ECR Minerals plc (ECR) Total Voting Rights
5:43 pm RNS Report Factsheet Senior PLC (SNR) Result of AGM
5:40 pm RNS Report Factsheet Alliance Pharma PLC (APH) Exercise of Options
5:38 pm RNS Report Factsheet easyJet PLC (EZJ) Total Voting Rights
5:38 pm PRN   Factsheet Datang Intnl Pwr Gen (DAT) Connected Transactions
5:37 pm RNS   Factsheet Manitoba Province of (74TP) SUMMARY BUDGET 2011/12
5:35 pm RNS   Factsheet AVANGARDCO INV (AVGR) Publication of Annual Report & Accounts
5:35 pm RNS   Factsheet Singlehedge Umbrella (IRSH) Annual Report 31.12.2010
5:35 pm RNS Report Factsheet De La Rue PLC (DLAR) Total Voting Rights
5:34 pm RNS Report Factsheet Telit Communications (TCM) Annual Report and Accounts
5:33 pm RNS   Factsheet Lisanure Assets Fund (IRSH) Annual Report 31.12.2010

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