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Tuesday 22 July, 2008

Time Source
6:28 pm RNS Factsheet Caledon Resources (CDN) Result of AGM
6:10 pm RNS Factsheet Total Produce Plc (TOT) Holding(s) in Company
06:00 pm
5:51 pm PRN Factsheet Central China Goldfields PLC (GGG) Holding(s) in Company
5:34 pm RNS Factsheet Partners Group Glb (PGGO) Holding(s) in Company
5:28 pm RNS Factsheet Black Rock Oil (WBN) Significant Shareholding
5:14 pm RNS Factsheet Group NBT PLC (NBT) Options Granted
5:06 pm RNS Factsheet Playgolf (Holdings) (PLG) Director Resignation
5:05 pm RNS Factsheet Dawnay, Day Treveria (GWIK) Director/PDMR Shareholding
05:00 pm
4:53 pm RNS Factsheet Prezzo PLC (PRZ) Holding(s) in Company
4:53 pm RNS Factsheet Asite PLC (ASE) Director/PDMR Shareholding
4:49 pm RNS Factsheet IngeniousMediaActive (IMAC) Transaction in Own Shares
4:41 pm RNS Factsheet D1 Oils Plc (NEOS) Second Price Monitoring Extn
4:36 pm RNS Factsheet Leadcom Integrated (LEAD) Price Monitoring Extension
4:36 pm RNS Factsheet D1 Oils Plc (NEOS) Price Monitoring Extension
4:32 pm RNS Factsheet Nettworx PLC (NTWX) AGM Statement
4:24 pm PRN Factsheet Avacta Group plc (AVCT) Director/PDMR Shareholding
4:19 pm RNS Factsheet FRM Credit Alpha Ltd (FCAP) Confirmation of Voting Rights
4:11 pm RNS Factsheet Oakley Capital Inv. (OCI) Directorate Change
4:10 pm RNS Factsheet Oakley Capital Inv. (OCI) Trading Update and AGM Statem
4:10 pm GNW Factsheet Summit Corporation PLC (SUMM) Issue of Equity: Application to AIM
4:04 pm RNS Factsheet IS Solutions PLC (D4T4) Holding(s) in Company
04:00 pm
3:58 pm RNS Factsheet Corac Group Plc (TPG) Director/PDMR Shareholding
3:54 pm RNS Factsheet Bidtimes PLC (BDT) Director/PDMR Shareholding
3:47 pm RNS Factsheet Hambledon Mining PLC (ALTN) Result of AGM
3:31 pm RNS Factsheet Dolphin Capital Inv (DCI) Pre-Close Trading Update
3:24 pm RNS Factsheet Regal Petroleum PLC (ENW) Director/PDMR Shareholding
3:18 pm RNS Factsheet Prosperity Minerals (PMHL) Scrip Dividend
03:00 pm
2:43 pm PRN Factsheet Savile Group Plc (SAVG) Director/PDMR Shareholding
2:28 pm RNS Factsheet Prospect Epic J-REIT (PEJR) Holding(s) in Company
2:23 pm RNS Factsheet Alkane Energy PLC (ALK) Holding(s) in Company
2:21 pm RNS Factsheet Conival plc (CVL) Issue of Equity
2:21 pm RNS Factsheet HydroDec Group plc (HYR) Ohio refinery start up
2:00 pm RNS Factsheet Platmin Limited (PPN) Mining Contractor Appointed
02:00 pm
1:19 pm RNS Factsheet Renewable Energy Gen (WIND) Holding(s) in Company
1:02 pm RNS Factsheet Uranium Resources (URA) Correction to Tanzanian Updat
01:00 pm
12:46 pm RNS Factsheet IndividualRestaurant (IRC) Announcement of Interim Resul
12:39 pm RNS Factsheet Bulgarian Property (BPD) Result of AGM
12:33 pm RNS Factsheet Fairpoint Group PLC (FRP) Holding(s) in Company
12:30 pm RNS Factsheet Ascent Resources PLC (AST) AGM Statement
12:24 pm RNS Factsheet Rurelec PLC (RUR) Result of AGM and Companies H
12:22 pm PRN Factsheet Beowulf Mining PLC (BEM) Result of AGM
12:20 pm RNS Factsheet YCO Deuxmil PLC (YCO) Result of AGM
12:15 pm RNS Factsheet CustomVis plc (CUS) Directorate Change
12:13 pm RNS Factsheet Prestbury Holdings (PBH) Final Results
12:12 pm RNS Factsheet CustomVis plc (CUS) Trading Statement
12:03 pm RNS Factsheet Bango PLC (BGO) Additional Listing
12:00 pm
11:59 am RNS Factsheet ARC Capital Holdings (ARCH) Director/PDMR Shareholding
11:49 am RNS Factsheet MS International. (MSI) Director/PDMR Shareholding
11:49 am RNS Factsheet Tandem Grp PLC (TND) Result of EGM
11:45 am RNS Factsheet Supporta PLC (SOR) Offer Talks Terminated
11:37 am RNS Factsheet Inland PLC (INL) Director's Dealing
11:37 am RNS Factsheet Gladstone Pac.Nickel (GPN) Signing of New Agreements wit
11:11 am RNS Factsheet Dawnay, Day Treveria (GWIK) Director/PDMR Shareholding
11:06 am RNS Factsheet Northacre PLC (NTA) Planning Consent
11:00 am RNS Factsheet Altona Resources PLC (ANR) Memorandum of Understanding w
11:00 am
10:51 am RNS Factsheet Rusina Mining NL (RMLA) Director's Dealings
10:41 am RNS Factsheet Reflec PLC (REF) Change of Adviser
10:34 am RNS Factsheet Terra Catalyst Fund (TCF) Acquisition of shares by Inve
10:07 am RNS Factsheet Merchant Securities (~279) Director/PDMR Shareholding
10:00 am RNS Factsheet Optare PLC (OPE) Holding(s) in Company

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