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Tuesday 07 May, 2013

Time Source
6:25 pm RNS Factsheet Norish Plc (NSH) Result of AGM
06:00 pm
5:44 pm RNS Factsheet Petroceltic Intnl (PCI) Posting of Circular & Annual Report - Replacement
5:41 pm RNS Factsheet Arden Partners plc (ARDN) Holding(s) in Company
5:26 pm RNS Factsheet Shanta Gold Limited (SHG) Directors Dealings
5:20 pm RNS Factsheet Stratex Int PLC (STI) Result of AGM
5:06 pm RNS Factsheet Futura Medical PLC (FUM) Result of AGM
5:00 pm RNS Factsheet Snoozebox Hldgs PLC (ZZZ) Annual Report and Accounts
05:00 pm
4:57 pm PRN Factsheet Mirada PLC (MIRA) Change of Adviser
4:40 pm RNS Factsheet Provexis PLC (PXS) Second Price Monitoring Extn
4:40 pm RNS Factsheet Borders & Southern (BOR) Second Price Monitoring Extn
4:40 pm RNS Factsheet CPPGroup Plc (CPP) Second Price Monitoring Extn
4:37 pm RNS Factsheet Mirland Dev Corp PLC (MLD) Notice of Results
4:35 pm RNS Factsheet Microsaic Systems (MSYS) Distribution of Circular of General Meeting
4:35 pm RNS Factsheet Borders & Southern (BOR) Price Monitoring Extension
4:35 pm RNS Factsheet Provexis PLC (PXS) Price Monitoring Extension
4:35 pm RNS Factsheet CPPGroup Plc (CPP) Price Monitoring Extension
4:35 pm RNS Factsheet Kentz Corporation (KENZ) Holding(s) in Company
4:30 pm RNS Factsheet Central Rand Gold Ld (CRND) Notice of AGM and Share Capital Reorganisation
4:18 pm RNS Factsheet Vertu Motors PLC (VTU) Holding(s) in Company
4:01 pm RNS Factsheet Intl Mining & Infras (IMIC) US$15 Million Bond Instrument
04:00 pm
3:55 pm RNS Factsheet Arden Partners plc (ARDN) Exercise of Options and Director's Holding
3:33 pm RNS Factsheet Low Carbon Accel Ltd (LCA) Update on Sale and Purchase Agreement
3:23 pm RNS Factsheet KBC Advanced Tech (KBC) Director/PDMR Shareholding
3:20 pm RNS Factsheet Richoux Group PLC (RIC) Director/PDMR Shareholding
3:07 pm RNS Factsheet Churchill China PLC (CHH) Grant of Options
03:00 pm
2:48 pm RNS Factsheet Scapa Group PLC (SCPA) Holding(s) in Company
2:37 pm PRN Factsheet Mobeus Income&Gwth (MIX) Issue of Equity
2:36 pm RNS Factsheet European Conv. Devel (ECDC) Shareholder Update
02:00 pm
1:32 pm RNS Factsheet M&C Saatchi PLC (SAA) Additional Listing and Total Voting Rights
1:23 pm RNS Factsheet Burford Capital (BUR) Director purchase of shares
01:00 pm
12:57 pm RNS Factsheet Patagonia Gold PLC (PGD) Director Dealing
12:54 pm RNS Factsheet Alpha Real Tst Ltd (ARTL) Replacement Transaction in Own Shares
12:40 pm PRN Factsheet Pan African Resources PLC (PAF) Group Operational Update
12:25 pm RNS Factsheet Hargreaves Servs PLC (HSP) Result of GM, Issue of Equity and Voting Rights
12:13 pm RNS Factsheet Trading Emissions (TRE) Holding(s) in Company
12:04 pm RNS Factsheet M. P. Evans Group (MPE) Annual Financial Report
12:00 pm GNW Factsheet PROVIDENCE RES. (PVR) Providence Resources plc : Notification of Inte...
12:00 pm RNS Factsheet Produce Investments (PIL) Transfer of Options and Director's Dealings
12:00 pm
11:39 am BUS Factsheet J.P. MORGAN SEC.PLC (MAYG) Form 8.5 (EPT/RI) May Gurney Integrated Service...
11:35 am RNS Factsheet Water Hall Group Plc (WTH) Additional Investments
11:32 am RNS Factsheet Trading Emissions (TRE) Holding(s) in Company
11:30 am RNS Factsheet Longships PLC (LSAI) Completion of Fundraising and Issue of Equity
11:27 am RNS Factsheet China Priv Eqty Inv (CPEH) Issue of Equity
11:12 am RNS Factsheet Unitech Corp Parks (UCP) Investment Manager's Shareholding
11:03 am RNS Factsheet Scapa Group PLC (SCPA) Response to Press Speculation
11:00 am RNS Factsheet Bezant Resources PLC (BZT) Result of General Meeting
11:00 am
10:47 am RNS Factsheet Volex PLC (VLX) Confirmation of Preliminary Results Date
10:46 am RNS Factsheet May GurneyIntegrated (MAYG) Court Meeting & EGM Adjourned
10:29 am RNS Factsheet XCAP Securities PLC (HUME) Form 8.5 (EPT/NON-RI)
10:25 am RNS Factsheet Allocate Software (ALL) Exercise of Options
10:13 am RNS Factsheet VinaCapital Vietnam (VOF) Share buyback
10:11 am RNS Factsheet Motivcom PLC (~298) Holding(s) in Company
10:00 am RNS Factsheet Plant Health Care (PHC) Director/PDMR Shareholding
10:00 am RNS Factsheet Messaging Intl Plc (SRC) Change of Adviser
10:00 am RNS Factsheet Blackstar Group SE (TBGR) Posting of Annual Report and Accounts
10:00 am
9:58 am RNS Factsheet San Leon Energy PLC (SLE) Czaslaw-1 Stimulation and Test
9:57 am RNS Factsheet Clear Leisure PLC (CLP) AIM Italia Listing
9:40 am RNS Factsheet Ukrproduct Group Ltd (UKR) Change of Adviser
9:32 am BUS Factsheet Panmure Gordon & Co. Plc (PMR) Blocklisting Interim Review

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