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A/S Latvijas Unibank (LVUD)


Wednesday 12 July, 2000

A/S Latvijas Unibank

Results to 30 June 2000

A/S Latvijas Unibanka
12 July 2000

                            A/S LATVIJAS UNIBANKA

               Non-consolidated balance sheet as at 30 June 2000

                             (in thousands of LVL)


  Cash and deposits with the Bank of Latvia                         35,253
  Net balances due from credit institutions                         60,495
  Net loans and advances to non-banking customers                  220,052
  Net securities and investments                                    55,567
  Fixed assets                                                      21,801
  Other assets                                                       3,511

  Total assets:                                                    396,680

  Liabilities and shareholders equity

  Balances due to credit institutions                               83,274
  Deposits from the public *                                       252,689
  including deposits from individuals                               73,180

  Other liabilities                                                  5,787
  Issued debt securities                                             5,169
  Subordinated capital                                              10,435
  Shareholders equity                                               39,325
  including paid-in share capital                                   37,106

  Total liabilities and shareholders equity                        396,680

* Deposits from the public include also money in transit. Money in transit 
  represents amounts of customer transfers that were not completed at the end 
  of the reporting period.

  Acting President      V. Neimanis

  Chief accountant      D. Lazdina

                             A/S LATVIJAS UNIBANKA

Non-consolidated profit and loss account for 6 month period ended 30 June 2000
                             (in thousands of LVL)


 Net interest income                                             8,099
 Net commission and fee income                                   4,847
 Profit (loss) on securities trading and foreign exchange, net   2,336
 Other operating income                                            378
 Operating income                                               15,660
 Administrative expense                                         (9,182)
 Amortization and depreciation charge                           (1,229)
 Net provisions for bad and doubtful debts                       1,086
 Profit on revaluation of long-term investments, net               175
 Profit before corporate taxes                                   6,511
 Corporate taxes                                                (1,424)

 Net profit (loss) for the period                                5,088


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