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Monday 16 October, 2006


Final Results

16 October 2006

                                  ALL IPO PLC
                          ('ALL IPO' or 'the Company')

              Preliminary Results for the Year Ended 30 June 2006

All IPO today announces preliminary results for the year ended 30 June 2006.

Chief Executive's Statement

Operating Review

I am pleased to report our annual results for the year ended 30th June 2006.
Having achieved regulatory authorisation in August 2005 and LSE membership in
May 2006, we have since focused on building up both our customer base, and our
profile with investment banks and brokers in the City, together with further
developing our systems. As expected, revenue over this profile-building phase
has been minimal. Total administrative costs have risen in the year from
£274,000 to £882,000, however this includes eleven months depreciation charge on
the system costs compared to nil last year and a full year amortisation charge
of £375,000 on the value of the investment compared to nil last year. Whilst the
losses have increased, we have strengthened the balance sheet by virtually
doubling the cash in the bank from the previous year end to almost £1,000,000.

Current Trading

In line with expectations, trading has been at a minimal level as we have
cleared regulation and begun marketing ourselves to the issuers. This is a
time-consuming but essential task and I'm happy to report that we have made good
progress in gaining profile. As we have been introducing city investment banks
to our platform we have had the opportunity to make various IPOs available to
our growing user base of private investors. Consequentially we have linked up
with Stocktrade and Etrade to bring the All IPO platform to their customers.

The IPOs we have carried this year have varied in size from small unlisted or
Ofex junior market stocks to VCT funds to Full List products. Each has
highlighted the capabilities of the system to seamlessly take offers and make
them available on the net quickly, efficiently and effectively. In addition, we
have been able to make selected AIM products available as well as QinetiQ, which
was a Full List privatisation.

QinetiQ was a last minute public offering which was available for just a short
period of time and even then only via an awkward set of technical
accommodations. However it generated healthy levels of private investor
subscription through the site, which demonstrated the ease and flexibility of
using the All IPO platform on a bigger scale and sets the scene for future
involvement in larger flotations.

As time passes, the size and number of IPOs obtained by All IPO has increased
and this pipeline has continued to grow as the City becomes accustomed to the
potential of our platform.

All IPO is still at an early stage of exploiting the opportunity of online IPOs
while our progress is accelerating and our pipeline of potential IPOs expands.
In our short time as a company, we have rebuilt the platform, been cleared by
the FSA via a detailed and exhaustive evaluation, been accepted as members of
the London Stock Exchange and made IPOs available from unlisted, Ofex, AIM and '
Full List' companies. In addition, we have presented our credentials to all the
major investment banks and many associated parties and strengthened our balance
sheet with an institutionally-backed secondary placing.


The potential of the market and the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ease of
use of All IPO was underlined again after the year end with our involvement in
the privatisation flotation of Aer Lingus. As a well known corporate brand, the
float generated significant private investor demand on All IPO. The ability of
All IPO to provide private investors with access to the Aer Lingus IPO, an Irish
stock denominated in Euros, in such a short time frame is a clear demonstration
of the power and flexibility of the All IPO platform. Meanwhile the Government
has stated that it wishes to privatise many of its shareholdings in enterprises
such as the Tote and British Energy and we are working hard to win inclusion for
the private investor.

All IPO is an excellent solution for any transaction that is to be made
available to a large group of individuals and as such is an ideal,
cost-effective route for any government transactions that are not restricted to
institutions. We are therefore optimistic that we will be part of the process,
as we were with QinetiQ.

With All IPO entering a new phase we have taken the opportunity to reshape our
Board with Chris Newland, Robert Emmet and Robert Clinton joining and Jacob
Kinde, Frank Dullaghan and Haakon Overli stepping down. We'd like to thank them
very much for their input over this formative period of the business and wish
them good luck with their respective burgeoning business affairs.

All IPO is now in the next phase of its development where we are confident of
bringing increasing product flow to the system and beginning to monetise the
opportunity. Our steady progress leads us to expect solid gains in the coming

Clem Chambers
Managing Director
13th October 2006

Profit and Loss Account
for the year ended 30 June 2006

                                                                   2006                         2005
                                           Notes                   £'000                        £'000

Turnover                                                           1                            -

Administrative expenses                                            (882)                        (274)

Operating loss                                                     (881)                        (274)

Net interest                                                       9                            14

Loss on ordinary activities before                                 (872)                        (260)

Tax on loss on ordinary activities                                 -                            -

Loss on ordinary activities after taxation                         (872)                        (260)

Loss per ordinary share                    2                       (3.64p)                      (1.69p)

All operations are continuing.  The acquisitions in the year had no impact on
the results.

There were no recognised gains or losses other than the profit or loss for the
financial year.

Balance Sheet
at 30 June 2006

                                                                2006                        2005
                                        Notes                   £'000                       £'000

Fixed assets
Tangible fixed assets                                           308                         229
Investments                                                     3,375                       3,750
                                                                3,683                       3,979
Current assets
Debtors                                                         31                          20
Cash at bank and in hand                                        957                         591
                                                                988                         611
Creditors: amounts falling due within                           (238)                       (178)
one year

Net current liabilities                                         750                         433
Total assets less current liabilities                           4,433                       4,412

Capital and reserves
Called up share capital                                         725                         680
Share premium account                                           3,145                       2,297
Capital reserve                                                 3,600                       3,600
Profit and loss account                                         (3,037)                     (2,165)
Shareholders' funds                     3                       4,433                       4,412

The financial statements were approved by the Board of Directors on 13 October

Cash Flow Statement
for the year ended 30 June 2006

                                                                    2006                      2005
                                             Notes                  £'000                     £'000

Net cash outflow from operating activities   4                      (393)                     (345)

Returns on investment and servicing of
Net interest                                                        9                         14

Capital expenditure and financial investment
Purchase of tangible fixed assets                                   (143)                     (232)

Net cash outflow before financing                                   (527)                     (563)

Issue of shares                                                     1,000                     1,500
Share issue costs                                                   (107)                     (281)
Loan from parent undertaking                                        -                         (65)
Net cash inflow from financing                                      893                       1,154

Increase in cash                             5,6                    366                       591

Notes for the year ended 30 June 2006

1.             General

The financial information herein does not constitute statutory accounts as
defined in section 240 of the Companies Act 1985.

The financial information has been extracted from the company's 2006 statutory
financial statements upon which the auditors reported on 13 October 2006.  Their
opinion does not include any statement under section 237 of the Companies Act

The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with applicable United
Kingdom Accounting Standards and under the historical cost convention.  The
principal accounting policies have remained unchanged since the previous year.
Copies of the annual report are being posted to shareholders and copies will be
available from the company's registered office at 642a Lea Bridge Road, Leyton,
London, E10 6AP.

2.             Loss per ordinary share

                                               2006                                  2005
                                    Loss       Number       Loss          Loss       Number     Loss
                                               of shares    per share                of shares  per share
                                    £'000      '000         p             £'000      '000       p

Loss for the year                   (872)                                 (260)
Weighted average number of shares              23,960                                15,418
Loss per share                                              (3.64p)                             (1.69p)

The options are anti-dilutive so there is no diluted loss per share.

3.             Reconciliation of movements in shareholders' funds

                                                                     2006                 2005
                                                                     £'000                £'000

Loss for the financial year                                          (260)                (260)
Receipts from issues of shares                                       5,250                5,250
Share issue costs                                                    (281)                (281)
Net increase in shareholders' funds                                  4,709                4,709
Shareholders' funds at 1 July 2005                                   (297)                (297)
Shareholders' funds at 30 June 2006                                  4,412                4,412

4.             Reconciliation of operating loss to net cash outflow from
operating activities

                                                                     2006                 2005
                                                                     £'000                £'000

Operating loss                                                       (881)                (274)
Depreciation                                                         64                   3
Amount written off investment                                        375                  -
Increase in debtors                                                  (11)                 (12)
Increase/(decrease) in creditors                                     60                   (62)
Net cash outflow from operating activities                           (393)                (345)

5.             Reconciliation of net cash flow to movement in net debt

                                                                        2006                 2005
                                                                        £'000                £'000

Increase in cash for the year                                           366                  591
Decrease in loan from parent undertaking                                -                    65
Net funds/(debt) at 1 July 2005                                         591                  (65)
Net funds at 30 June 2006                                               957                  591

6.             Analysis of movements in net debt

                                                   At 1 July 2005      Cash flow       At 30 June 2006
                                                   £'000               £'000           £'000

Cash in hand and at bank                           591                 366             957

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